Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Easter was over in a blink. But having hubby home managed to get a few more jobs done.
One unexpected job was a water leak in our en suite which is above the kitchen. So you have
guessed it. We had a bucket in the kitchen with water dripping down. Tried to find a plumber
but did not have any luck. Finally hubby found the problem and fingers crossed water has stopped.
The water has left brown marks from one side of the room to the other. So today even though
it was a beautiful sunny day I stayed home and started to repair and paint  the ceiling. I had
 the front door open all day with the sun shining in. The dogs loved it just going in and out
as they pleased. But you know me when I had finished the ceiling it made everything else look
drab so I did the walls and started on the skirting /woodwork as well. (Still to finish).

Today I thought I would show you some of my makes.

It started with Archie and Blossom small teddies. Then I have gone on to dogs with coats
all named after my dogs. Next doggie key rings and tiny doggie brooches..

Then I knitted some bunting and added material pictures to each one.
Also made more knitted chains.

In this picture you can see lots of Archie and Blossom teddies and my monsters.

I made some hanging birds large and small. And of course lots of hearts and pom pom
key rings.

                              And of course some small rag wreaths.

I have stopped making any more as they are taking over the house.
I think I need to find a  Craft Fair and see if  any of them will sell .

  I am now getting creative with fancy dress costumes for Archie and Blossom for
 fun dog shows. And making never ending jumpers as they do not last long before
 they get tatty.

Well another day of painting tomorrow. Then at least the kitchen is back to normal.

                                             Bye for now Rosezeeta x


  1. My goodness you have been busy crafting. Love it all, but especially the little birds. So sweet. Until I read the end I thought you already were commissioned with a craft fair as you have so much made! I'm sorry to hear about the leak but isn't it nice to have a nice, newly painted room? I always love it when we paint, it's almost like a new house! You'll have to show us pictures when you're finished.

    1. Still painting Betsy. Lots more to do but have to be in the mood. Amd while the sun is shining I want to be outside.
      Rosezeeta x

  2. Hi Rosezeeta,WOW,LOVE the knitted toys etc,really lovely.you have been busy.I know only too well about leaks etc.We had a leak in our tank in the loft,what a mess.A week ago everything went wrong here. 1.Central Heating packed in,2another leak in loft,3 Conservatory door lock stopped working,at one point we couldn't even shut the door grrrrrrrrr.All fixed now but rather a lot poorer lol.Oh and Glyn is still painting ha ha.Have a great week.xxx

    1. Poor you Lee, water does make such a lot of mess and damage. They say things happen in threes! So glad you got it all sorted out. I still have more painting to do, but with this sunny weather I would rather go out.
      Rosezeeta x

  3. They will sell very fast, I love them!
    So sorry about your leak,

    1. Thank you Meredith. I do need to do a craft fair but you know what it's like daily life gets in the way.