Sunday, May 24, 2015


Sorry I have not been around for a while.

But my laptop died!!!!!!!

And to add to that our main computer decided to die too!

So I have been waiting for my hubby to come home to take a look before I
was tempted to spend large amounts of money on a new one.

To say I was upset is a under statement,
No blogging, no internet, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

But as you can see he has got it working now so will now spend time
catching up with your lovely blogs and then I will start posting again.

Hope you are all well and speak soon.

Rosezeeta x

Monday, May 11, 2015


I do not know where the time goes. There is always something to do,                                                but I must admit I can not sit still for too long.
Are you the same?

I have been trying to tidy the garden as everything seems to be growing so fast.
And the weeds are trying to take over. I could spend all day out there.

We have had a lovely sunny day today, so the front door has been open
which the dogs love so they can just run in and out as they please.
When it is sunny the world seems such a better place.

In the evenings I have been doing a couple of little makes.

I decided to knit some monsters.

Well everyone needs a monster in their life.  Don't they.

I started with one but now have  knitted four!

I decided to put a X (Kiss) and a heart on each one but in different places.
And I gave them one leg longer then the other because Monster's would have one leg longer
wouldn't they?

I have stopped at four but I am sure more will follow.

Well that's a lie . I also knitted a mini Monster for my daughter. I forgot about
that one (Sorry no picture) but he is enjoying life at Uni.

Have a good week.


Tuesday, May 05, 2015


Hope you all had a fab bank Holiday
We had a nice relaxing one, Everyone was at home so it was nice to
have some family time.
Our village held a May Day fair which I went with my husband in the
afternoon. Both our children have been many times so they chose to relax at home instead.
It was a shame it rained but there was still a good turnout.
And we only got a little wet....

When the weather was nice a few weeks ago I managed to pop to a local boot fair.

                               I can not resist a good boot sale.      Can you?
                              You just never know what you will find and I love the haggling over the price.

                              These are just some of my recent finds.

                              First I picked up these scales with their weights.

                         Then I found this vase which I thought was small and cute.
                         A perfect size for a single flower.

                                And then I found another jelly mould in perfect condition.

                                            All in all a good day and lots of fun.

                                Have you found anything at your local car boot sale.?