Saturday, November 30, 2013


 As you will be aware if you have been reading my other posts that it was my Birthday, the beginning of November. It was the first year my daughter was a Uni and my husband was working away. So there was not much celebrating done here.

These are the flowers my daughter sent me and they are still going strong on my kitchen window sill.
The petals are just starting to fall now.

And today I got more surprises. A lovely belated bouquet from my husband.

These flowers are very unusual, they look like roses in dark green leaves or maybe cabbages, I love them.

                                                   Beautiful carnations

                                         Long stemmed Roses.

             I don.t know what these are but they are so pretty.

                         They look  perfect in my duck egg blue vase.

I also got my favourite sweets Maltesers.

                                   And a big chocolate cake.

       We did not do the whole candle thing. but it was lovely to have a cake.

           I have already had three pieces. Naughty but very nice.

I visited my daughter at UNI today and took her some cake. She loved it. What's not to love

                                           CHOCOLATE CAKE !!!!!!

                                        Have a lovely weekend everybody.

Friday, November 29, 2013


                   Starting to feel like Christmas here in Cornwall.

So I thought I would start putting some decorations up. I never rush this as I always change my mind
and like to add to my colour scheme bit by bit. So I will share with you over a few posts.

I thought I would start by decorating the garden. I have lots of baubles. The trees look so bare and as you approach the house I wanted to pretty it up,


                  I have added a couple of Ginger Bread Men.

            Lots of lovely baubles in all my favourite colours.

                           And a couple of  Snowdrops.      

                   Hope you like my tree. More decorations to come.

                                                 Have a Happy Friday.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hi everyone sorry we have not been around for a while . We have been keeping nice and warm by the Mums Aga.

Mums grass has still not grown. I don't like that brown stuff it gets all over my paws.

                               Charlie my stones bigger than yours

                What's that smell? has a mouse been this way. or worst a cat!

                                                      I will keep guard.

I will help you Charlie. But if it gets much darker can we go in. I don't like the dark.

                                      Let me check this way Charlie

                                            The greenhouse is clear.

I just like this big stone. Can I take it inside. I think it will fit in my bed. Can I .....
Don't be silly Bailey.....

That's it Bertie you take that side of the garden . I will take the other. No cats or mice allowed here.

If we see one what do we do Charlie.       AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH      RUN BERTIE RUN!

O.k everybody. I think it's now time for bed. We will patrol tomorrow night. Bailey leave that stone.

                         Goodnight everybody. See you all soon.

                                 Keep warm by your Aga.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Hi everyone. Hope you are all keeping warm. It,s so cold in Cornwall, that this morning I had ice on my car. And when your trying to do the school run and your late it's not fun.

I have nearly finished all my Christmas present shopping and most of them are wrapped and ready for delivery.. It's such a nice feeling to finish early before all the shops get really busy. That way I can just concentrate on the food  and all the nice little bits. Have any of you finished, do you do your shopping early like me?

Anyway I thought I would share with you some Christmas decorating I have started.

I have put up my little pink tree in my kitchen. Here it is.

                 I brought it from Tesco's . It only cost £5.00

                                             Bare waiting to be dressed

                        Fully dressed including my tiny sweet angel.

             I have even put a set of battery lights on and lots of baubles.

               The pink goes really well with the wallpaper.

       The tree fits nicely at the end of my kitchen table and looks really pretty
       What do you think? Would love to hear.

And for those of you that have spotted it. Yes I have changed my kitchen table cloth to blue.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday.
Today we went to our local nursery to pick our Xmas tree. We do this every year.
This year was sad because my daughter is at Uni and is not with us ,hubby away working so it was only the two of us instead of four. Less arguments!

Thought I would share with you all.

                                     Our tree is the dark one in the middle.

                                                    A close up shot

We had to make our way around a lot of trees until we found this one. It now has our name on, so will
carry on growing until nearer December. Then we will carry it home., as we live within walking distance. Which is just perfect.

As you can see new trees growing under the large ones.

A lovely row of Xmas trees. Most of these had labels on so were taken.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what we did today. Do you go to a nursery to pick your tree ? or do you go to a shop?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This post is a bit late but have not had any time of late.

It was my birthday Monday 11th November.

It was a strange birthday this year because it was the first year ever that my daughter was not with me to celebrate and husband was away working. So there was just me and my son.....

I still had a lovely day. My friend and daughter popped round first thing in the morning with a card and presents. And we all had breakfast together. I got many Birthday texts. A lovely card and hug from my son. A beautiful necklace arrived from a dear friend in the post, and more cards.

My daughter told me to stay in all day as there was a surprise arriving. But when she tracked it they had been unable to deliver and had left a card....... Which turned out to be at another house which has a similar name to our farmhouse  Dammm !   This has happened before, the drivers do not read the  address properly.

Anyway I got my surprise the following morning and it was beautiful flowers from my daughter son and husband. Perfect.

                            I put them in my old french enamel jug.

                                      Perfect for my large table.

  And the surprises did not stop there. I received a package that afternoon and it was 100 pictures from my daughter at Uni. From the first day I helped her move in to all the events / parties she had attended some in fancy dress, to the meals she had attempted. Each one was in order with a funny caption on the back of each one. It put a great big smile on my face and now I can put a face to the names of people she talks about. I feel it gives me a little insight to her life without me. It looks hard work but fun.
I will treasure these and I hope she will send me more.......

When everyone is home just before dare I say it Christmas I will celebrate properly with a cake and all the trimmings..... But a birthday I was dreading on my own turned out to be different but not to bad. in the end......... 

Monday, November 04, 2013


I have not got much time for handicrafts these days. But have managed to make a couple of cushions for my kitchen.

I have just used up spare wool to make these.  I used 44 sts across and knitted 89 rows to make each square. Simple.

       I knitted 8 squares and joined them together to cover a normal size cushion pad.

         This was the first one I made. Each side is different colours.

         I am now making two for my lounge. I love them so much

       Do you like them. Have you any ideas for using up left over wool ?


I have been very busy with life here. But decided I have had enough of plain walls.
So I have decorated my kitchen.

Do you want to see

It;s a lovely birds and trees wallpaper called Paradise. It is in my favorite ice cream colours.
I had a tough time putting it up as my walls are all wonky and not a nice straight wall anywhere. Thar;s what you get in a old house !

I only planned on doing a feature wall by my table but after doing that wall I loved it so much I have done the entire kitchen except the Aga wall. It looks so cosy and warm now, but my kitchen can take it because it is so large.

Even my curtains on my door match because I have always been drawn to these colours.

Its not for everyone but I am a floral type of person. The more floral the better.

What do you think. Love to hear from you.