Saturday, February 28, 2015


Today had a relaxing day.
Just did some housework (Which is never ending).
Made a light lunch of stuffed peppers and mushrooms.
Then did some pencil drawings.
I am not very good at drawing and painting but I still like to give it a go.
I find it is really relaxing, and very creative.

My peppers and mushrooms before they were cooked.
It looks quite a lot.

But once cooked. So much smaller. I like mine well done.

This is my drawing of a hare. I copied this from a canvas I got brought .

This is my take on a picture of Archie.

And this one is when we first got Theo as a puppy with our dog Kermit.
Now Theodore is the giant.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing my little drawings. x

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hi everyone.

Weather in my part of Cornwall has been mainly rain but one day it did try to snow. So
The heating and fire has been on. So no excuse I have been trying to catch up with housework.
Which is really boring so I fitted in a couple of little makes....

First I made a couple of Lavender filled Bunnies.

And I knitted Archie a jumper with some spare wool I had.

As he has to wear a jumper every day at the moment because it is so cold.
They get very old and tatty so by knitting them myself it makes it a lot cheaper
than buying them. And I can make them fit him exactly.Win ! Win!

Now time to make a hot choc and catch up with your lovely posts.

Keep warm and cosy.

Rosezeeta x

Thursday, February 19, 2015


                                I have had to move Archies playpen into the kitchen next to my fridge.
                                So I have somewhere safe for him to  play when I have to make tea etc.
                                He loves playing in there with his toys and even has a sleep.


                            I am so lucky I have a large kitchen so I can fit this in. He is only happy to
                            play in there if he can see me!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hi everyone hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.

My flu then turned into a very annoying cough which was very nasty and gave me coughing fits.
This then lasted over a week which gave me very little sleep. My daughter had the same cough at the same time.
We were looking forward to seeing Wicked at the theatre, but in the end we had to give the tickets to a friend because we were both so ill. I still have a bit of a cough but it is well on its way to going.

I am so glad to be feeling better, fed up with not being able to go out or do anything.

I will now be catching up with all your lovely posts.

Valentine's day my hubby brought me a card and some chocs. I made a card for him and my
children. We had a lovely roast  and just relaxed at home. We did not go out
because myself and my daughter were still ill......

The sun is out in Cornwall today. The dogs are chilling in the garden. Hubby is cutting
some hedging down which has got out of hand. Son is on half term holiday, so no school runs this week.

Archie is having a little sleep on my lap after his lunch.

I thought I would show you some pretties in my house and some coming up in the garden.


Bertie helping hubby.
Have a great day.
Hugs Rosezeeta x

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I have never done needle felting before but I thought I would have a go.

This is my attempt.

                                You have a brush and a holder with needles in.

                          First I cut out of normal felt the shape of the robin.
                          And placed on  the brush. Then I put the colours I wanted to add
                          on top. Then pushing down with the needle through the felt to the brush
                          it attaches the colours to the base felt. EASY!

                        I made two matching sides. And then added a bead for the eyes.

                            Then I sewed both sides togeather.
                            And added stuffing.  

I made the wings and beak and sewed them in place.
                                       Next I made the legs out of a orange pipe cleaner.           

                                                My first needle felt Robin.

                                                       Has any of you done needle felting?.
                                                       Would love to hear.

Monday, February 09, 2015


                                               I found this box at a charity shop a few weeks ago.
                                     And thought it would be perfect to keep all Archie's clothes in.
                                                          It was only £1.50 so a bargain.


                                                           As you can see it is full already.

                                                              Do you want to see his outfits?

                                                       This one is still way too big.

                                                       And this One!

                                                     And this one!

                                               This red hoody fits over a jumper.

                                                         This is his only coat that fits.

             I now have two dog carriers. This blue one which goes across your body.It means
             your hands are free. Good when I walk the other three dogs I can take Archie along too.
             But I must admit I do get looks with two on a double lead ,one on a single lead and
             one cosy in his carrier.

                   This is a normal dog carrier which you put over your shoulder and your dog can
                   look out.
                   These are really padded so nice and warm for your small dog.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through his wardrobe.
I expect as he grows I will have to buy more.
These tiny dogs get so cold.
When I saw people dressing up their dogs I thought they were mad.
I have rain coats for all my other dogs for when the weather is really bad
                  but that is it. But now I have Archie who even gets cold in doors with the heating......
            When we go out he has to wear a jumper and a coat and he is still cold.,so without
            putting him in a bag he would not be able to venture outside, for very long.           
Hope you are all having a good week.