Friday, May 30, 2014


This year I have tried to grow as much veg as possible.
I have brought a commercial poly tunnel last Christmas but it is still in bits.
So unable to use this year. So relying on my small greenhouse and raised beds.
But they seem to be going o.k.

This bed has mixed varieties of Lettuce and Spinach. The old Belfast sink has flowers grown from seeds.

These raised beds have more Lettuce, Courgettes and Beetroot.

  This bed has more Courgettes and Cauliflowers.

I have carrots, Beetroot, Courgettes and Cauliflowers in these two.

My Rhubarb is really growing well .Lots of crumbles coming my way.

I am also growing Sweet Peas, Coriander, Aubergines, Tomatoes, Chillies,Peppers,
Chives, Basil, Cauliflowers, Beans,onions, Cabbage, Strawberries Mint,Lots of Herbs and lots of flowers.
It's amazing what you can do in a small space.
Fingers crossed after all my hard work I will have lots of veg to eat.

Concentrating on putting colour into the garden now.

Have you grown your own this year?
What have you planted.?

Would love to hear.


Thursday, May 29, 2014


Mum went out today and left us at home.

But we forgave her because she brought us all a new toy.

And it is the best toy ever. A bright yellow tennis ball each.

It's great for chewing Bertie.

I will give it a go Charlie. Look it fits in my mouth.

It was hard but I can just pick it up!

OOPS! Nearly dropped it.......

This ball is mine all mine!

It does not taste of anything.


Best treat ever.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have been pottering about the house and garden today.
Everyday I look  around and there are so many jobs that need doing.
The list is endless.

Today I picked my first Rhubarb.

And tonight I made the first crumble of the year.

All my oven dishes were in the dishwasher. Does that happen to you?
So I used one of my loaf tins, which did the job nicely.

And what do you have with crumble.
Cornish Ice Cream of course.

I am now sitting on sofa completely full !

What did you do today ?

Have you made any dishes out of your own home grown yet ?

Looking forward to many more treats.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hi everyone.

Lovely and sunny in Cornwall today. Is it sunny where you are?

I was up early with the animals. Spent most of the day tidying the garden.
The driveway was beginning to disappear with all the weeds and grass growing over the gravel.
So I thought I would have a go at clearing this and one job lead to another.
Then the hedges needed cutting, then the grass etc. The list goes on.
So to reward myself for all my hard work I popped to my local garden centre . When I
say local I can see it from my window. And brought myself some pretties for the garden.

I have continued painting more garden furniture . It all looks like new now.

I decided to put the bunnies names on their hutch.

Please excuse the drawing. It's hard to draw upright.

Nice to have more colour in the garden.
I have grown some flowers from seeds but they have not come out yet.

This was such a big job to paint my garden swing.
But I think  it looks so much better.
Can't wait to put my cushions on there and have a nice hot chocolate.



I have put most of my pots together so it is much more easy to water.

I have put some of my home grown flowers in these hanging pots.
but they are only at the green stage.

My little picket fence to keep the dogs off, needs to go white as well.
But I don't know if I have the patience.
And my side gate needs to be painted too.

I have added a smaller side table next to my swing seat, Just big enough for
putting drinks on. I have put two pretties on it

I am really pleased with the end result. But I might buy some more flowers to add more colour.

Charlie is checking out my work.

What did you do today? would love to hear.
Appreciate all your kind comments. Thank you.


Friday, May 23, 2014


Today the weather was a rain, sun and then more rain.
But even so I managed to paint some more garden furniture.
This year I am going all white.

But don't panic!     There will be floral cushions.

This was the before picture of my two old wooden chairs
beginning to turn into a bench.

And this what it looks like now all painted.

A extra seat for the garden.

And I finally finished painting all my chairs.

And because I was in the mood for painting.
The rabbits hutch got the white treatment as well.

And the last piece that got painted was my round table.

If the weather stays o.k. this weekend. I should have all my outside furniture painted
all ready for the summer and those floral cushions.
And lots of afternoon tea in the sun.

What have you done today.
Would love to hear.
Have you any DIY planned for the weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2014


I have been doing lots of work in my garden.
I have had to put up mini picket fences around my veg patch.
To keep Bertie, Charlie and Bailey off.
They kept running over the Spinach and lettuce.
Not giving it a chance to grow.

They think I have made them new areas to play and dig in.

And don't understand when I chase them off.

After doing everything from seeds. I would like to have some veg to eat.

        I have had to make more beds.
       As I have quite a lot in my greenhouse.
       Which will need to be put out soon.
       I have put in some carrots and beetroot in these beds so far.

I have put a low string to try to stop the dogs from running over the beds.

  Bertie and Charlie seem to understand.
  But Bailey just sees it as a game with me
.Well he is only young.

              Charlie is keeping an eye on Bailey for me.

                Spot the shadow. IT'S ME!  And a tree.

       Charlie was thinking about taking a short cut.
       But Mum was there! Ha Ha.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Morning my blogging friends.

It was a really hot sunny day on Saturday in Cornwall.

So what did I do ?

Go to one of the beautiful beaches,       NO!

Go to the many country houses             NO!

Go for a bike ride                                 NO!


Instead I decided in all that heat I would do two boot sales.
So after a early start to feed and sort all our animals.
I loaded my car with everything I could find that we longer needed or was collecting dust.
I was amazed at how much I found.
And headed to the first one.
This is a small local one to me , but I like to support it because the farmer who runs it
gives the entry fees to charity.
There are some nice people in the world.
This one I stayed for a couple of hours. Then I packed up again
and headed for the main boot sale which is a bit further away but still local
to me. This one is large and very well attended.
I stayed there until the end approx 4 ish.
I survived on my morning toast and two bottles of water.
It was so hot at one point with no shade on the field that I
climbed into the back of my Land Rover.
The couple  next to me saw what I did and followed suit.
But all in all I had a good day, met lots of nice chatty people.

Even though I had put sun cream on. I came back with a bright red face
and red arms.

So today I am relaxing.

I am having a hot chocolate and I have treated myself to a packet of jelly babies.
Being a Vegetarian I do not eat jelly sweets . But I have found these at Tesco's
which are for suitable for vegetarians.
Today I am spending the morning catching up with all your lovely posts.

                     Have a lovely Sunday.  x

Friday, May 16, 2014


I have some nice areas for you to sit in my garden.

Especially on a nice day.

I have been changing some of my garden furniture.

I have added a table next to my swing seat.

It is lovely to sit on this when the sun's out.
Because it is in the shade.

        This is my next project.
        I have attached two planks of wood to two spare wooden chairs.

      I am turning them into a bench.

        These flowers were all picked from my garden today.

        So pretty and free.

I will also be painting these white when I have the time.

The metal chair came from our house in France .
Which we no longer have.
But that is another story.

Thursday, May 15, 2014



       Some days I find it easy to get pictures of our dogs.

       But then there are the other days.

       The days when they know!

      This was one of those days.

                        This was the best.

              Bailey had decided he did not want his picture taken.
             So that was that.

What do they say never work with children or animals..........