Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hi Everyone. Hope you are enjoying the last of our summer.

I have been really busy with family, animals and trying to attend as many shows, fetes and dog
shows as possible in Cornwall and Devon. I must admit if there is a local dog show you will
probably find me there.........

Still trying to play catch up so please forgive me.

One event I attended was the Callington local carnival. Never been before, do not know why!
Popped along just with Archie and really enjoyed the parade.
Callington in Cornwall is a small cornish town not far from the Devon / Cornwall border.

        I  took a few selfies.      Hard to get Archie to look the right way.

We stood in the shade as such a hot day.     I did not want to lighten pictures,
as it would not be a true likness......

                                       All the floats were pulled by tractors.
                                       But then we are in the countryside.



At the other end of the high street there was a street entertainer for the children and  also a barbecue  which was doing a roaring trade. I avoided that end too crowded.

Bye for now.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Tomorrow I am at another fair/fete. Which has a dog show attached. Fingers crossed.

                                                          Rosezeeta x