Sunday, September 29, 2013


             We have a very young and small apple tree in our front garden,
             This year it has produced fruit. The apples were very small.

           So I cut them all up and decided to stew them instead, of eating them.

                They are now all stewed and in my freezer. Not sure what to make.
                If I pick some blackberries I might makes a blackberry and apple pie.

                                             What would you make?

Saturday, September 28, 2013


I had some old seat cushions that I longer wanted . So I decided to recycle the foam.

                           I needed a new cushion for one of my benches.

         So I cut the rounded corners off each pad and hand sewed them together.

                  Then I wrapped some material I had around the foam.

                   Then I hand sewed the material around the foam.

                   Then I cut four pieces of material to make ties.

                                          Hand sewed these as well.

                                       Its not perfect but it was free.

                               We now have a comfortable sear.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


                  I have wanted one of these carts for ages.

              Everywhere I had seen them for £80 / £90 pounds or more.

                  Then I popped into Aldi and found this for £49.99 A bargain.

I must admit it was easy to put together but it took me and my son to put the bolts on.
They were really tough to tighten.


                            Bertie and Bailey had to check it out.

                     I think they want me to take them for a ride...........


                     This is Henry my lawnmower, my helper , my trusted machine.

            Henry as you can see came with his own trailer which is fab for jobs around the stables.

When I have some spare time I think he deserves a wash for all the hard work he has done.

                       Who needs a tractor not me Henry is all I need.

Have you got a favourite helper ? Have you given it a name? or am I the only mad person out there

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


            Another Vintage treasure.

I've been looking for a vintage windbreaker for ages. They are really expensive on places like E Bay

   Then I found this one at a local boot sale. I only paid £2.00 for it A BARGAIN!

                     It has 5 wooden poles and is quite large.

                      I have only got to wait until next summer to use it..................

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I have been working really hard at my stables lately. (See other posts)

               I have started putting up other fences.

            I have even been working in the rain.

        I have been using recycled wood of all shapes and sizes.

I did not want a straight standard fence, I wanted something more natural and fun. And I love the idea that all I brought were the stakes to knock into the ground. So nearly a fence for free!

There is still lots to do but I'm having fun. As you can see from this angle the fence dips with the land.
There is nothing better than working outside with beautiful scenery all around........

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Star seems to love it. I picked this up at a charity shop for a few pounds. It looks like someone has made it themselves.

                    It's really heavy and very solid.

                  I think it looks a bit like Star. Two Blonde's together.


The day has finally arrived.......................UNI DAY!

Last night after lots of packing and sorting out. My kitchen was full. We decided as this was my daughters last night home for a while we would have Chinese take away as a treat in front of the t.v.

We all dived in until we could not eat any more. It's like that with Chinese food don't you agree?
And we watched a DVD at the same time just a perfect night.

            Then to finish off tea hot chocolate cakes and sweets.

It was 3 am before we all got to bed and then we were up by The car was so full that I could only use my side mirrors. Had a pleasant drive down. Everyone at Uni seemed nice. Spent a couple of hours unpacking , my daughter has so much stuff!!!!!!
Then the time came to leave. I was so glad we both kept it together,  I put the radio up loud and reluctantly started the drive home on my own trying not to think too much about leaving her. I know she is going to have a fantastic time and probably will be to busy even to think about home but it is still so hard to let go.
X factor is soon to start and we would  love to watch it together , afraid the tears have now started............
If you read this my darling daughter, take care, have lots of fun, learn a little and we will speak soon .

                     Mum.   xxxxx

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


                     I thought I would show you the finished result.

This is a granny blanket I have crocheted for my daughter. She is going to Uni this week and asked me to make it for her to take. I haven't done one like this for ages and had forgotten how much hard work it was.
It has taken me months to make and I thought It would not be finished in time. But tonight I sewed the last square on . This has been a labour of love. My daughter loves it so that is all that matters and I hope it makes her student digs feel a little more like home.


                         Even in September my garden is still full colour.

This time of year my hanging baskets are starting to fade, but I planted some flower seeds and they have come on nicely. Adding that extra bit of colour .

So pretty.

Next year I will do the same and maybe put some seeds in my pots as well.
Have you any hints or tips to make your display last longer.
Love to hear from you.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Now that I have started to get my stables under control again I have lots of land to play with.

So I have decided to plant a few fruit trees.

  The first is a pear tree. It is a small type. We found it in the reduced section of Homebase for £10.00

           I hope we will get lots of Harvest Green pears in the future.

Next  we brought a eating apple tree called Discovery.
We brought this one at our local nursery for £19.00


The ground was really hard and full of stones. So it took some time and plenty of hard work.

                             But it was a lovely day so I just took my time.

And finally its in, with a stake to help it stay upright. Star is wondering whats going on.

We have got the fruit bug. We have now brought a cooking apple Bramley and have planted that as well.
It cost us £19.00 from the same local nursery.

The way we are going on we will have an orchard in no time. Looking forward to picking all that fruit.

Have you got fruit trees? What is your favorites? What shall I plant next?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bertie Charlies and Baileys Weekly Adventures-MONDAY BLUES.

                                        I HATE MONDAYS.

This week mum took me to that smelly strange place , the Vets.  There were other dogs there but they were not from my pack. Bertie and Charlie stayed at home. This strange person put me on a table and pulled me about then I felt this tiny sting in my back. Mum says it's my yearly injection. Whatever that is?
Anyway I did not like it.  Next time Mum I'm staying with Bertie and Charlie.

            I'm going to lay here and forget the whole thing. Roll on Tuesday.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I thought I would show you my latest Vintage treasure. I found this at my local house clearance shop.

         It is a  old primary school chair. How could you resist this. Do you remember them?

             Well I could not leave this one there .TOO CUTE.          SO.........................................................

I brought  the other 14.......... They wanted £5.00 per chair but I only paid £65.00 for the lot.
Mainly purple with a couple of red and blue and only one green one.

I have got a project in mind for these. But that is all I'm saying at the moment.

I good clean and they will be great, very study.

Is there anything you could not resist and just had to buy ? love to hear.