Monday, March 14, 2016


Yet another beautiful day in Cornwall today. Went out for coffee with Archie and Blossom and
did not wear a coat!

I love days like these, everyone seems to be so much more happier and friendly.

I was very lucky recently as I got a lovely present from my daughter.

My daughter when she has time (between Uni work) likes to enter a few competitions
And has won some really good prizes.

This one she entered and won. But sent the prize to me.

And what did she win -------

I am a lucky Mummy. These are just the perfect present for me living in the countryside.


Was up early today. Dogs decided Mum was not going to get a lie in.
It was a beautiful warm and sunny day in Cornwall, dogs was loving the garden and I even
cut some grass. Did a small photo shot of the dogs for instragram, and did some housework.
In the afternoon son drove into Plymouth for the first time loads of traffic but he coped with
it well. He enjoyed going over his first raised bridge the Tamar and paying his first toll.
You pass your driving test but then you carry on learning for many years after,

This is another old post I forgot to put up.
Then after this I can get more into a routine again, so please keep with me..

Another Birthday this time my daughters (Which was in December)

The dogs wanted to help open her presents.

And my baby is now 27.

The marble cake worked, thank goodness. And it is all gone now.

We all had a wonderful day .

I hope you have had a wonderful day. Enjoy the good weather while it lasts.

                                                    Rosezeeta x

Saturday, March 12, 2016


My home maybe full but there is always room for a few more bits.

This is my new bunny who has taken up a spot on my record player.

This is a new wall hanging/picture. It is a glass picture made by a very talented
craft lady. Love the flowers and the colours were perfect for my house.

I picked these up. The sweet sign is on my sweet tree now. And the pretty thing sign is on
my tree in the kitchen. Love the colourful letters.

My sweet tree, which I have put on a wooden tray which gets filled with sweets,
everyday. Because the sweets seem to vanish! The cloth angel I found at a charity
shop. I added the heart.

                                                            Rosezeeta x

Friday, March 11, 2016


This post is a little late. Please forgive me. But I had to show you because I was so pleased
with my first ever made Christmas cake! I forgot all about this post untill I looked back.

Today in Cornwall we had sun!     !Makes me feel so happy.
And then I found a water leak in my ensuite. Knew I was feeling happy too soon.

If you can not bear to read the word Christmas. Just think of my cake as fruit cake with fancy icing..

I love Christmas cake.

But I normally buy a small one. But this year I made my own.
and here it is all finished.

I always meet up with a girlfriend to exchange pressies and have Christmas cake
and a Bailey's or two.

This year my hubby was home and my girlfriend came round with her mother and daughter
so we all had a pleasent afternoon togeather. And the cake was fab. Never buying
one again.

My daughter also asked me to make a chocolate covered marble cake for her

Here it is.

Really enjoyed making them both and having a piece of cake everyday.

The result of all this cake now is I need to do more walking to get slim for the summer.

So I can enjoy lots of cream teas like you do in Cornwall.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Today  I went to White Stuff Thready tea party in Tavistock.
Archie and Blossom dressed up. Archie wore his bow tie and Blossom wore her
bow and pearls. oH and I wore my new coat! Ha! HA! (Was too hot sun came out0.

There were lots of beautiful decorated patches.

And a lovely tea was laid on.  I had a blue button  cup cake. I think Archie and Blossom
liked the look of the cakes.

Can you see my patch top right.

And the result today was I came 2nd! Never mind. I had a really nice afternoon.
As you can see lots and lots of patches. I am glad I was not a judge. Such a lot of
interesting ideas.

But as I came 2nd I received beautiful flowers in a White Stuff bag.So unexpected.


So many flowers I had to put them in two vases.

Thank you White Stuff for a really lovely afternoon and the flowers......

                                            Rosezeeta x

Wednesday, March 09, 2016


As you know I do lots of crafts. So I was delighted when White Stuff announced their
Thready Competition. (White Stuff for those that do not know is a clothing store for  men and woman
with vintage and retro interiors) So a perfect place for me to shop......

The Thready competion was for you to pick up a patch from one of their stores or download
a template on line. Then decorate it however you like, then return to the store or post in. For every
patch received the company would donate £5 to their choosen charity. The winner from each shop
will win a £50 gift voucher. And then there is a grand prize of a crafting holiday in Italy for the overall best patch from all the entries.
Then to raise even more money for charity the patches will be made in a quilt or cushions then auctioned off.
They were also selling sewing kits in jars to raise even more money.

So lots of fun and helping charities so well worth entering.

So tomorrow is judgement day.

So I thought I would show you my patch.

It took a while to make but I loved making it.

I decided to make it all my hand to make it look more homemade.
My design was based on that in White Stuff they have a small retro seating area
where you can help yourself to a free tea or coffee and biscuits. And they allow well behaved
dogs in. They even have dog biscuits. So it is Archie and Blossoms favourite coffee stop with mum when we are shopping.

I had fun making clothes on hangers and added a bag.

I just had to add mini bunting, because you should have bunting everywhere.

The hardest part was the mini knitted dogs which I made up as I went along (No pattern)
The cream one is Archie and the brown one is Blossom.

Amazingly I had all the material beads etc already at home.

So there is my little patch waiting to be judged tomorrow in Tavistock.
I do not think I will win because in this part of the world there are so many talented people.
But my little patch has helped charities and will go on to make more money when they auction the quilt or cushion. so that brings a smile to my face.

Tomorrow they are holding a special tea party in store which is  lovely. When they will announce the winner and I am hoping will have all the patches from that store on display.

So guess where I will be with Archie and Blossom.

Anyone else entered in their local store?
Would love to hear.  And if you entered in Tavistock will see you there.

Rosezeeta  x.