Friday, October 30, 2015


I have only done two things for Halloween.

My daughter carved the pumpkin.

I made a spooky hanging.

Spiders, cobwebs, ghosts

We used to do more but my children are all grown up now so it is not a big celebration in
our house anymore. But if you celebrate have a lot of fun.

Rosezeeta x

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


As you know I treated myself to a new car this year. And the first thing my husband
said was how are you going to personalise it. Well I have knitted a blanket to go on the
parcel shelf, black and white to match the car and orange to add colour.
I have also knitted a mini version to put in Archie and Blossoms doggie car seat.
Well it has all to match.

I have added a few more bits but I will show you later.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


As you know I can not resist a local boot fair. And sometimes I find treasure.
This week it was Paddington Bear. Complete with clothes.

And the price I paid        

£2.00      A complete bargain!!!! A fantastic treasue find.

Isn't he cute.

He is now sitting on the sofa in my lounge. One to keep not resell........


This year was a big one for our son. He turned 18 in September.
He did not know what he wanted to do so I said leave it to me!

He was a bit worried and a little scared I think when I said to tell his friends to bring
a sleeping bag, a cushion and a torch and they would be with us all weekend.
But not knowing made it more exciting.

Friday which was his Birthday we had a family celebration, starting with presents,
a special Birthday breakfast then cake. Later on we went to our local pub so he could
order his first drink and had a lovely meal there.

On Sat it was a early start. They all spent time in the cars trying to guess
where they were going. 

 They were going Tee Surfing.

After getting kitted up they headed for the trees.

I did not stay to watch as I am scared of heights. They also went on a very high
zip wire. Then it was a picnic lunch then off again mountain biking around the woods
for the afternoon.
They came home exhausted had a pizza each for tea then off again in the cars , this time
with their torches. We dropped them off in the dark at a Maize Maze.
While they were there we cleared the lounge so they had room to sleep in their sleeping bags
and prepared the coffee table full of food and drink for them all to watch the film 'The Maze.'
When they got back.     Day One a success!
Sunday was not a early start, which I think they all appreciated.
We took them Go Karting then to a Giant Zip Wire across a quarry then had a another picnic in the sun Then ended the day at the pub with our son buying his friends a much needed cold drink.
We had been so lucky the weekend had been beautiful. And they all went home exhausted but
with happy memories.

Boys will be boys, I still have one unclaimed pillow and a bag with trainers in.....

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I decided I needed a bigger blackboard. So I painted a wall in the kitchen.

Then I added a string with pegs on to attach notes etc.

I found some cute pegs.

I hate seeing the radiator so a cover will be fitted to hide.
I love my new wall and I have plenty of space for all sorts of things now.

I do not know why it has taken me so long to do this.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I can not believe we are in October already. It is still sunny in Cornwall so I have been
walking dogs everyday taking advantage of this.

I have been really busy doing lots of local dog shows and have had so much fun meeting
like minded people and winning a few rosettes on the way.
Archie and Bailey have done me proud.

All the local Summer Fairs, Country Shows are now ended but I did manage to go to most.
Now we have all the Xmas Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets coming up. So still lots to do.
Who said there was nothing to do in the countryside!
So with doing all the animals and normal life I have had very little time to blog.Really Sorry.
I have done a few makes which I will show you later on.
So to start with I thought I would show you all how Archie and Blossom are getting on.
They have become great friends and having Blossom is now making Archie eat a lot better.

Blossom is now five months old and already the same size of Archie. I think she is going to
be the boss. She is really cheeky!