Wednesday, April 29, 2015


                                        More treasures to show you.
                                        Do you remember these toys?
                                        The first is a old spinning top.
                                        I found this at a charity shop.
                                        I love the bright colours which are still intact and it still spins.

                    And I remember having one of these at school to help with my maths.

                                                              Great fun!

                   Found at a  local boot sale.

                                                It even has the child's name on the side.

                     And last but not least I found a baby walker but sadly no bricks

Great finds bringing back great memories.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hi Everyone. Today I thought I would start to show you all some of the little
treasures I have picked up lately.

Do you remember Sindy's or were you a Barbie fan.

I had Sindy's so that shows my age.

I could not resist these three at a local boot sale.
When I was younger I had the dark haired one.
As you can see no clothes so I decided to knit some.

                              I did not have any patterns just made it up as I went along.

                                             This one I decided trousers jumper and a necklace.

                              This one I decided on a full length dress with matching hairband.
                              I also knitted her some white undies....

                                           I added a flower trim to her dress and hairband.

                                   The third I knitted a cute dress and red long shorts.
                                    And added a strawberry button to her pocket.

                             This doll has had her hair cut so I put it all up with a orange ribbon.

                                  They are all now dressed and ready to party the night away.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


                                         Hi everyone I hope you are having a fab weekend.

                                        We had rain in Cornwall so no treasure hunting for me.

                                        Thought I would show you some recent pictures of Archie.
                                        He is just over 7 months old now and is changing all the time.
                                        Archie is still tiny weighing less than 3 lbs but  his body has got longer
                                        and his legs are also longer. And his face looks less like a puppy no


                    This picture is Archie Naked! Well that's what we call it. Because he always has
                    a jumper on to keep warm.....
                    But when it's bedtime I take it off.

                                                       This was Archie sleeping last night.

                                                       Hope you have enjoyed the cute pictures.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


What another beautiful day today in Cornwall. I hope you had the same.
In the morning I visited my local car boot sale, not much there but managed
to find two treasures worth having. And was so nice walking around having a little chat to everyone.
The rest of the day I have spent tidying up, washing and all the general boring things we
have to do.I still have not done many seeds so I have promised myself I will make time this coming
week or it will be too late. Have you done your seeds? or are you the same as me....
The dogs have enjoyed having the door open so they can please themselves and have spent
time enjoying the good weather.

Friday we decided to have a barbecue not a big one just burgers, sausages and lamb.
And for me veg burgers and veg sausages.
Hubby had put barbecue round the back (Do not understand why) So had to dig it out and
wheel it to the front, then had the messy job of cleaning it enough to cook on.
Make note to self. Next time plan barbecue when hubby down so he can clean it!!!

                            Even though we only cooked a little bit . The dogs still had to finish off.

                    I thought I would show you bits of my garden. It still needs a lot of tidying up.
                                                But I will get round to it sometime.

                                                   Bailey wanted to be in the picture.

                                                   Everything is coming back to life now.

                                                I have a few bits in the greenhouse.

                                                        Have you had your first barbecue?
                                                        Was it a tiny one like ours?

                                                        Enjoy your day.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


I have not had much time for crafts as you know. Because of all the painting I have been doing.
But in the evenings I  have managed to do a little bit of knitting.

I have made Archie another jumper (sorry forgot to take photo)
And I  also made a couple of little knitted buntings.

                       The pink / blue one is the same ball of wool. It has many colours in.

                                           I love how it fades in and out of the colours.

                                           I used contrasting ribbon which I hand sewed on.

I am really pleased to say I have reached 90 followers. Thank you and welcome if you have just
joined me.

I am now looking forward to reaching 100.

When I do get there hopefully   I have decided to do my first giveaway.
So really looking forward to that. So watch this space.

Hope you are having a fab weekend. I went to my first boot sale this morning with my
daughter and picked up a couple of treasures, but that is a whole new post.

                                        Rosezeeta x