Saturday, June 22, 2013

LEFT OVER WOOL. Up cycle a cushion..

                      I never know what to do with all that left over wool from other projects.

I was getting bored with my old floral cushions. They were getting a little faded and tired. So they needed to be up cycled.

                                    I used up some old wool and did four squares each side. 

If I get bored with the colours I have only to turn it over. I love it so much I will make another. Not sure what colours it will be depends what wool is left over.

                                      What side do you like the most?

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I wasn't intending to make jam at the moment but my rhubarb was growing crazy in my veg plot.
It is all this rain sun rain sun. Anyway before it took over  and was wasted I cut most of it down. Leaving some to keep growing for later on, for puds etc.

I ended up with two large pots of cut up rhubarb sitting on my side in the evening. What do I do with all of this?  So I decided to make my first jam of the year. This is what I did.

Rhubarb with Vanilla Jam.

3 lb of fruit
3 lb of sugar
1 pint of water
2 tablespoons of vanilla.
Screw top glass jars.

First cut rhubarb into small pieces put into pan. Add water/vanilla bring to the boil . Heat sugar up in oven. Then add to pot. Continue to boil. Put saucer into freezer  for a few minutes.Put small amount of jam onto cold plate to test if jam is set enough. It should crinkle when pushed. Put jars into oven for a few minutes.
Put boiling water into a jug and add the jar lids. Take jars out and add jam then lids. Leave to cool. Label each jar. Then enjoy.

My daughter and I had some on toast for breakfast . You can not beat home made jam.

Only a few more pounds of fruit, to go. Need to buy more sugar!

We will have jam for the rest of the year for very little cost. Just lots of effort.

                     Which jam do you like best? do you make your own.

                                  My family love tomato jam.

How Many More Squares To Go!

I love to knit and crochet.  I have been knitting since a child and remember sitting around the fire in the evening with my parents knitting. My Nan who was wonderful at most craft things  taught me to crochet.
I can only do very basic crochet but this has always got me by.

                   My daughter has asked me to make her a Granny Blanket to take with her to Uni.

                                            I 'am trying to make it as colourful as possible.

                         I am trying to do a few squares every night. But it seems never ending.

                                                 Let alone sewing each one in place.

I know it will be loved and appreciated when it is finished. And I like to think it will make her room at campus seem a little like home. (I am such a mum I know).....

                                       HELP HOW MANY SQUARES TO GO!!!!!!!

                                   Will show you when it is finished. Fingers crossed.

Monday, June 17, 2013


                                               HAPPY FATHERS DAY.

Was really organised for a change. Brought two cards one for my father and one for my husband from the children. Posted them both on Thursday so they would not be late. (My husbands working away  at the moment). Spoke to my Dad who received his card. But no card arrived for my husband. Dam!
So card somewhere in the postal system or arrived on someones else's doorstep. Just my Luck.

So just to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY from all of us. Wish you could of been here. We will arrange a special treat for you when you are here.

                                     Hope you all had a lovely Fathers Day.

As you are probably aware Google friend connect is likely to disappear by the end of the month so follow me on Blog Lovin.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

All that work for nothing !

 The weekend has just flown past!  Last Saturday I did a local boot sale with my daughter. The weather was fantastic so there was a great turn out of buyers., so we did really well, and had such great fun. So yesterday we got ready, had hot and cold drinks, plenty of change a great selection of goods all loaded up. The weather was wet but sunny after eleven. So we headed off with great expectations.  The boot sale did not start till 2 p.m but we were told to get there just after 11 am.    To see a notice at the field entrance with those dreaded words CANCELLED.

We could not believe it. It had been raining but was now really sunny, do they not listen to the weather forecasts. We had no choice but to head for home for the dreaded unloading!  Has this happened to you?

I spent the rest of the day gardening in the sun and making a roast dinner. Not a bad day after all.

                                                Fingers crossed for next weekend.

Saturday, June 08, 2013



                                                Today is Baileys first Birthday!


                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BAILEY.

We wrapped a pull toy up, which he loved. Then there were doggie chocs and homemade treats. I'm
getting into making all our dogs treats now . It's a lot cheaper than shop ones and we know exactly what goes into them. And more important than that our dogs love them.   I have now brought a bone shape cutter off E bay and can't wait to make them some more.

                          Bailey was so tiny when we first got him.  Look at that cute face

                           It was hard work walking round the garden. Time for a rest.        

                             He knows his the puppy and wants all the attention.

                                          How can you resist that look.

                 He is still very cheeky and has us running around after him. He is the boss!

                                                He loves being outside

Bailey is now as big as Bertie and Charlie only shorter. He still needs to have a few naps in the day and loves cuddles.

Do your pets wrap you round their paws? Do you make you own treats?  Would love to hear.

                                                     Bye for now.

Monday, June 03, 2013



                                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERTIE AND CHARLIE

                                                      BOTH NOW THREE



Their presents were wrapped in Birthday paper which they enjoyed playing with. We brought them both
new rope toys with a tennis type ball attached.

     They don't seem to have changed much . Except they are bigger and now more cheeky!

We also made them some doggie cakes. Forgot to take a photo  but they looked like small rock cakes.

All of our dogs loved them.

Try them for a special treat - Peanut Butter carrot cakes. for Dogs.


1 cup of whole wheat or white flour
1/4 cup of natural peanut butter
1/4 cup veg oil
1/3 cup honey
1 cup of shredded carrots
1 egg.

Decorate if you want ( we did not as they looked good without.)

Ice with peanut butter and add small gravy bones or dog choc drops.

Put all the ingredients together in a  mixer bowl and mix.
Put paper cases in trays.
Add a spoon of the mixture into each case.
Put into oven until golden brown.
Leave to cool.
Decorate if you wish.

                                    Give them to your four legged friend.

Some people are allergic to peanuts so don't know if dogs are ?

Does anyone know?

Any way our dogs were fine and loved them to bits. We will be trying this again maybe to make one big cake. Promise to take pics next time.

                                                    Keep smiling.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Goodbye Our Beloved Rabbit Tommy

Sorry Blogger friends but have not had the energy or time to do many posts of late.  Life is so busy with all that's going on  with family. I've been trying to read as many posts as possible to try to keep up with you, but  by the time I sit down in the evening I just want to curl up on the sofa.....

New month so I thought new start.

My post today is a sad one. When I thought life couldn't get worst. Our much loved rabbit Tommy lost the
movement of his back legs. So it was a visit to the vets.. I knew before I took him it was going to be bad news. We couldn't face it that day so we brought him home, give him pain killers, cleaned him and made him feel as comfortable as possible in doors. We all spent an evening with him. But in the morning he was much worse. We had no choice but to say goodbye. It was so terrible letting him go, but we had to think of him not us. Friday was a day full of tears................................................


       Tommy gave us 7 years of happiness. We are so glad we shared our life with him .                            Still can't believe his gone. He is greatly missed by us and all our other pets.