Monday, December 31, 2012

More of my Handknitted Teddies-Herberts.

Even though Christmas took up so much time.I still managed to fit in a bit of knitting

Here are my latest Teddies- I call them Herbert's. If you read my blog you will see from an old post I have knitted a few of these.

The one in the red I gave to my husband for Christmas. Myself and my children all have a Herbert

This Herbert in blue is still waiting for a new home!
 I always attach a tag when I'm giving a Herbert away as a present.
They are really cute together.
My last post for 2012
Thank you for popping by.
Enjoy your evening  if you celebrate.
See you in 2013

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pressies, Pressies I'm so Lucky!

I thought I would show you more of my lovely presents-

I got these really sweet candles. They smell lovely and how pretty they are packaged with their
ribbons. They go perfectly with my colour scheme.

                                         How pretty is this bag. I love the flowers.

                                              SURPRISE! look whats inside.  

I now have my own  Cath Kidson Breakfast Set. It comes in a Vintage looking case.

As you can see from the photo's it is a perfect colour for my kitchen and so floral I love it....

I also got this lovely book from my family. It's making jams and preserves. I make a lot of jams
and chutneys so this book is perfect. There are quite a few new ones for me to try. Can't wait.

This is another book I got from friends. It's got lots of ideas for homemade gifts. Great for next year!

I was very lucky this year. On top of these presents, I got a lovely scarf from a friend, two coats
from my family, perfume., a new mouse much needed! and many more  thoughtful bits and pieces.
One original idea is a friend brought me  a complete set of new baubles in my new ice cream colours. My tree next year will be very well dressed.........Now all I have to do is recycle all the paper and
cardboard and try to get back to some kind of routine. That's after another Baileys or two.

                                           I have had a fantastic time this year thanks to
                                           all my family and friends.

                                             HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY
                                             HERE'S TO 2013 BEING A GREAT YEAR!   



Friday, December 28, 2012

Some of My Lovely Christmas Pressies.

As I have said before I was really spoilt at Christmas. It took all morning for my children to open their presents. I had double wrapped many and put small pressies into large boxes. It just added
to the excitement. The dogs loved their presents but needed a bit of help to unwrap them. We had a very relaxed day. The turkey and veg got put on when we had time. So you guessed it we didn't eat until gone 5p.m. by this time we were all starving. So really enjoyed it.

Anyway I thought I would show you some of my lovely pressies-

                                                 Really cute measuring cups.

                                        They are already on my kitchen shelf.

                                         Above is a lovely set of plant pots and tray from lovely friends.

They were very thoughtful and even supplied seeds. I have planted them today and they are sitting on my kitchen windowsill. Can't wait for the parsley etc to start growing.

This is a beautiful large jug. Great for all sorts of things. It got a lovely floral design. And as you know anything floral is always welcome in my house. A great gift from my family.

This is a vintage hat box. My daughter found this at the antique market we went to and put it
away for me  for Christmas.

                                          I'am going to use it as a memory box.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at a few of my pressies. Will show you more  in a later post.

Would love to hear your comments. What was your Favourite Pressie?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Lucky Find Of The Day- Vintage Dressing Table.

Hi everyone hope you had a fab time at Christmas. Can't believe the big day has been and gone.
Kitchen cupboards still full of food and drink but now feeling sick of dare I say Chocolate!
I got loads of fantastic presents I was really spoilt this year. I will show you in a later post.
Hope you received lot of lovely pressies....................

Thought I would show you my lucky find of the day- which I brought for myself before Xmas.
With all the preparations going on did not have time to do a post before......

I had a lovely afternoon of last minute Xmas shopping  with my daughter. It was one of those days
when everything seemed to go right. We found a parking space without any trouble, it had stopped
raining rare in Cornwall and we only had a few things to get so were having a relaxed time.  We visited a local indoor market which was also selling antiques that day, so was especially interesting.

And to my daughters horror there was a kidney shaped dressing table for sale! We had talked in the
past about how I loved them, but you rarely see them now. My daughter tends to go for retro
furniture and has a few pieces herself....... We could not find anything wrong with the Vintage
dressing table it even had the original glass top. My daughters response was I'm not carrying it!
I did not know what she meant I hadn't said I was buying it..........

I managed to walk away for approx  two stalls then had to go back .... I paid only £43.00 for it.
You could not buy anything as pretty as that new.. It has already been painted a pale cream and has
new glass handles added.  It has the original rail underneath so I can add a curtain if I want to.
What do you think should I add a curtain ? (My daughter knows me well- And she did not carry it.
The stall holder and I carried it to my car).

As you can see from the pictures it fits perfectly in my bedroom and is in full use already.
I just need to find a pretty chair now. 

                                                        WATCH THIS SPACE.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Bertie Charlie + Baileys Weekly Adventures-XMAS!


                                        AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                                                       LOVE BERTIE

                                                          LOVE CHARLIE

                                                             LOVE BAILEY

Hope you all have a fab time and all your dreams come true Happy Christmas Mum (Rosezeeta)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Xmas Decorations made from my garden.

Just a short post to show what I did today. I wanted to add a bit more green to my kitchen for Xmas.

I cut various greenery including lavender from my garden. and found some pink ribbon .

I simply used string to attach it to one of my kitchen wall shelves and then added the pretty pink bow.

When I  have time I will dry some sliced oranges and add to it. Then it will smell as good as it looks without costing me hardly anything.  It goes perfectly with my vintage bottles I have on the shelf below.( As I have shown you in a previous post.)

Once you have secured your greenery you can go as mad as you like . Maybe adding baubles or
cinnamon sticks Maybe.match it to your colour scheme....

                                   IT'S CHRISTMAS HAVE FUN!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Bertie Charlies and Baileys Weekly Adventures- Bailey makes a new friend.

Hi everyone. We are getting really excited  It's only a few more sleeps until Christmas1 Mum keeps
bringing more bits of tree into the house, and adding lots of ribbons to it. Don't know why.

Bailey I think It's time you met some new friends. Really Bertie . Where are they ? Are they nice?
Will they eat me ? Will they eat my dinner? I'm  not sharing my bed !  Calm down Bailey I will  show you.

There's nothing to worry about they are mine and Charlie's friends. They have their own houses in
the garden. And don't worry they eat carrots,greens and other stuff like that.

They smell strange Bertie. That's because they are rabbits not dogs like us. They are called
Tommy, Teddie and Flop they are part of our family of pets. But they live outside all
 the time. Mum gives them lots of cuddles too.

Hello my name is Bailey.  Hello Bailey I'm Teddie and this is Tommy. We have been
watching you play in the garden with Bertie and Charlie we was wondering when you
would come and see us.... Sorry I would of popped by sooner but I did not know you
were here. I have never met rabbits before. and I was a bit afraid.....

Hi Bailey I'm Flop.  Hi Flop I'm so happy to have new friends. I will come and see you
every time Mum lets me come in the garden. Do you know it's only a few sleeps till
Christmas?  Yes we are getting very excited . Mum gives us extra special treats.

Time to go in Bailey. Bye everyone. Thank you Bertie I love my new friends.

                                                        Wait for me Bertie. ........

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Hand knitted Granny Blanket.

When I finally sit down in the evening  I like nothing more than to do a bit of knitting in front of the television.

This is one of my vintage baskets I keep my needles and wool in. It's great to pick up and carry from
room to room. I love the green handle..

For my simple Granny Blanket I knitted 88 squares of various colours . I used 8 colours and knitted
11 squares of each colour.

. If you would like to make one the same, my squares were 20 St's and I knitted 30 rows for each one.
  Next I sewed all the squares together.

As you can imagine knitting the squares takes time but knitting a few each night and it soon adds up.

                                           It took me nearly a week to sew all the squares together.

To finish of . I did 1 row of crochet around the outside. Below is a picture of the finished blanket.

                              It is now taking pride of place in my lounge.................

                                                  HAPPY KNITTING.