Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Today I stayed home and just did housework and a little bit of crafting. Cold and rain in my part of Cornwall. So trying to keep warm and cosy at home. Untill I have to go out.

A few things I bought this week.

Gingerbread  pan

                                                                       Pretty ribbon

                                                                        Cake base


                                                They all add up to Christmas!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Another little craft I did this week.

Making flowers.

The finished flowers with a button to finish off.
I made them into brooches.

I will make ribbon ones next time. 

Monday, November 23, 2015


My Christmas decorations are going up slowly.

Hand knitted stockings up for children (18 and 26 years old)
Well they still love a stocking and they will always be my children.

                                                A few bits above the Aga.

                                     I have put my white tree in the kitchen next to the fridge.

                                                             That's it for now.

Have you put your decorations up yet or your tree?

Our house does not feel like Christmas untill we pick up our real tree beginning of December.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Today I spent time down the stables it was a little brighter but because of the rain very muddy.
Cold chill in the air now so feels like November.  I put more Christmas decorations up.
Some in the porch and some on the outside of the house. These are mainly for us as you can not
see the house or door from the road. It is beginning to look pretty. I will show you in a later

I really like these heads of animals you put on your wall (Not the real ones)

They are made of felt and not too big.

I have been looking at them for some time but up to now had resisted buying one.

Well I decided I could not resist anymore.
So I went back to the shop  and to my surprise they only had two left.
They had become a big seller. Not surprising at this time of year.

They were both really cute and I could not make up my mind.
The lady said joking 'why not buy both' So I did.

And here they are.

The  deer is in my lounge with my hanging birds on now.

And the Hare is in my kitchen, with my home sweet home heart .
It goes well in there with my hare picture.

They make me smile every time I look at them.

Which one do you like?

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Hi everyone I hope you are all having a fab weekend.
Today it was really cold in my part of Cornwall so even though I was tempted to
go to a local Craft Fair , I stayed home in the warm.
When I let the dogs out in the garden they were only out there for a short time before
running back into the kitchen and laying down by the Aga.

Each evening I have been doing lots of different makes, in between watching t.v
and reading your lovely blogs.

Oh and a BIG WELCOME to my new follower, so glad you have joined me. I hope
you enjoy.    

Only 3 to go untill 100. Will I make it before Christmas........

Anyway back to my post.

Here is a little doggie brooch I made myself. It was really quick to make.
I made up the pattern as I went along.

And I thought I would show you a Craft book I found at a garden centre.

It is really good lots of really pretty papers, to makes various Christmas Decorations.
It has step by step instructions inside.

I have only made two out of the book. Angels and paper chains.

I rarely do any papercraft but I really enjoyed this so will probably do more in the future.

Did you notice in the mirror?  

Yes those are some of my Christmas pressies wrapped on the piano.
Sorry I am always early.


Anyone who reads my blog will know that I am a big fan of Tavistock in Devon.
Because most of the shops are independent and there is a fab pannier market on each day.

Well I thought I would show you a new shop that has just opened .

White Stuff.

Those of you who already know this shop it has good quality clothing and accessories
for both men and women but the price matches the quality.....
I tend to only go clothes shopping when I need something ,so  When I do go I will not even look at the price, but look first at the item. Then decide if it is what I need and if it is well made.. I prefer to buy one nice jumper which will last me ages than buy four cheap ones that end up in the bin. I believe that in most cases you get what you pay for. And as my hubby says if I go into any shop and pick anything it is always the most expensive be it clothes or furniture.  I just call it good taste!

Here are a few pictures of the inside of the store.

It is very Vintage/Retro in design.

They have a retro seating area where you can help yourself to free tea or coffee.
and even biscuits. So I did. ( Had a picture of me with Archie and Blossom enjoying my coffee
but when I looked at it , I had my eyes shut!) So not putting it here.....

So instead you can see I was there because that is my shopping bag on the seat. Ha! Ha!

I think people were a bit shy at first to sit down and help themselves, but
after I did I was joined by another lady who poured my coffee out. As I had a handful
holding Archie and Blossom. A really lovely idea I loved it. And something for free
nowadays unheard of.

They had lots of Vintage displays above the clothes rails. I tried to photo as many
as possible for you. But if was hard holding two dogs and taking pictures on my phone.

Love that wallpaper. It would go well in my farmhouse.

The toy soldiers reminded me of 'Toy Story'

                                                     Beautiful flowers just wonderful

                            I loved the displays in glass domes. (I need glass domes)

                                                   And did I purchase anything?

                                                   Well of course.

Some beautiful mustard mittens.

                                                                 And felt dogs

Being a mummy with lots of furbabies I just had to have these.
They are super cute, don't you agree.

Will be popping in again soon, even if it's only for a coffee and a browse.