Tuesday, July 14, 2015


                      As the summer is here now, I bought Archie a couple of t-shirts.

                     This one is his sailor style top. He seems to like it.

                     Anyone with a chihuahua will know you have to be so careful
                     with such a little dog in the sun. And as Archie is less than 3 lbs
                     he can get sunstroke so easy. Also being so cream in colour can
                     also get sunburnt.  Furbabies take a lot of looking after but are so
                     worth it.  As you know we have six dogs who have different needs
                     according to their size and breed. But they are part of our family
                     and would not part with any of them. We love them all to bits.

                                       It was so hot he had a afternoon nap..........

Weather has now changed in Cornwall, Hot but rain. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I thought I had found the perfect balls for my small dogs. They were the right size,
not too heavy and very hard......

They were so excited when I gave the balls to them, but within half an hour they had
managed to completely chew them to bits......


                                   So the search goes on for the perfect ball.

Friday, July 10, 2015


     As you will all know by now I have 6 dogs of all shapes and sizes.

    So I take them all out at various times as I can not possibly manage that amount on my own.
    But on the occasions when my hubby is home we take at least four out at one time.
   This Sunday afternoon we decided to take the smallest dogs out.
   Bertie, Charlie, Bailey and Archie. Hubby takes Bertie and Charlie as they are strong.
   I then take Bailey and Archie as they are slower.

                               Bertie and Charlie have found some smell they like.

     We took them all for a long walk in the woods, not sure who was the most
     worn out us or them.

               Archie did a good job of keeping up with them but running compared
               with them walking. So was tired when we got back. He enjoyed his
               cuddle on the bench before we headed for home.

           I love days like this no pressures or having to keep to any times. Just pleasing
           ourselves and wondering home when we are all hungry....... Perfect.

Note to self must take cover of phone before taking pictures
Sorry for green tinted pics.
Guess what colour cover is?

Wednesday, July 08, 2015



                      I always make a lot of bunting because I like to have a change

                      This is hand knitted which I have sewn felt daisy's on.


                                    I love the effect.
                                    I might try other flowers.

                                                                   Watch this space.

                       Do you remember the retro cabinet I up cycled.
                       Well I have decided to keep it. (Well for the moment)You know me always
                       changing. I have put it in the corner of my lounge and filled it with
                       my craft bits.    It is also very handy for my lamp and phone.

                       And at the moment for the fan.

                                     Still deciding if it will stay there for long.

Sunday, July 05, 2015


   When Pippa my parents dog came to stay he made one special friend out of all my dogs

                         It was little and large. They enjoyed going for lots of walks togeather.

                               And because Pippa walks slow, Archie was able to keep up.

   I think they will be friends forever. 

Archie will have to wait for another visit from Pippa.

Saturday, July 04, 2015


I always like to have a few projects going on as you know....

And this little one I made while watching t.v.  My little knitted chicken.
I have made one before for a friend. This one I was able to use my leftover wool.

                                                 I say little  she is quite big.

                                      I think I should of used smaller needles. Never mind.

                          On the pattern there was no wings, but I thought there should be.
                          So I made my own.

                                                     I enjoyed making her raffles........

Friday, July 03, 2015


I thought I would show you my porch today.

I  have brightened it up with a few metal pictures and I have put my side table
in there so I can put a vase of flowers.


                                                     I have also added a lace vintage mat.

                              I have had to hang my beads up again this year to keep
                              flies etc out. Because as you know my front door leads straight
                              into my kitchen.  It is just too small width wise for my porch
                              so I have made some colourful pom poms to fill the gap both sides.

                            I have put a bigger table in the garden and added a cheerful
                            plastic table cloth. And I am using a chipped teapot for a vase.

                                      I still have plenty of flowers I have grown from seeds
                                      to plant out.

                                    More flowers on the kitchen windowsill.

                                      Hope you have enjoyed a little look  around.
                                      Are you growing any flowers or veg from seed?
                                      This is the first year I have not done any vegetables.