Thursday, July 03, 2014

RACING GREEN Volkswagen- Time to say Goodbye.

Hi everyone sorry for being away for so long. But life just gets in the way
sometimes........I can not believe we are in July already! I hope you are all enjoying the sun.
It has been beautiful in Cornwall.

Today I thought I would show you one of my treasures -

My beautiful convertible Volkswagen.

I've had it for about approx 11 years now. How time flies. It was my summer car when I lived back in London. It's a left hand drive, but I found I got used to this. I would  take my children to school with the roof down, we had lots of fun. I always wanted a convertible ever since I passed my driving  test many years ago. My first car was a hand painted red V. W and cost me approx £400 I was very lucky that years later my husband could afford to buy me this beautiful racing green one. What did it cost? I will only say a lot! but I fulfilled one of my dreams.

Since I've lived in Cornwall (The home of V W's) It's been parked in the garage...... So I've decided its time to find a new owner. Who will appreciate and love it like I have.

I get really attached to my cars and always shred a tear when they go. This one will only go to a good home.  If I can bear to let go!

          Are you the same. Do you name your cars.   I do but that's another story.


  1. She really is a beauty Rosezeeta. I hope you find someone who will take wonderful care of it like you!

  2. I had a mark1 escort many years ago, it was a left hooker and I loved everything about it. I eventually needed something much bigger and cried the whole day when it went. I never got attached to another car but I would love a fully restored Morris Traveler, my Dad had one and we had some wonderful years with it.

  3. she is sooooo beautiful x x

  4. We called our first car Dolly and she was kingfisher blue. Then her head gasket went and she was part exchanged and we knew she would go for scrap. It felt like selling a lame horse because we were too chicken to get it put down....never named a car since!