Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hi everyone.

Weather in my part of Cornwall has been mainly rain but one day it did try to snow. So
The heating and fire has been on. So no excuse I have been trying to catch up with housework.
Which is really boring so I fitted in a couple of little makes....

First I made a couple of Lavender filled Bunnies.

And I knitted Archie a jumper with some spare wool I had.

As he has to wear a jumper every day at the moment because it is so cold.
They get very old and tatty so by knitting them myself it makes it a lot cheaper
than buying them. And I can make them fit him exactly.Win ! Win!

Now time to make a hot choc and catch up with your lovely posts.

Keep warm and cosy.

Rosezeeta x


  1. Love the bunny, and Archie's coat.
    Can it get any wetter? We picked the wettest day to go to Tavistock last week too!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Poor u Julie. The last time I went it was raining too! Tavistock is so nice when the sun is out. Maybe one day we can arrange to meet for a coffee in Tavi, maybe with some other bloggers too. When the sun is shining!

    1. That would be nice. We found a lovely cafe in Tavi last week, round the corner from Crevers called Eastgate
      Julie xxxx

    2. Hi Julie, Rain here again.AHHHHHHH! Will have to have that coffee..... The only problem I have at the moment is my puppy Chihuahua Archie. He can not be left at home on his own at the moment. So if noone else at home hubby, children etc I have to bring him with me, so have to find a coffee shop with outside seating maybe...
      Sure there would be a couple of other local bloggers who would like to meet up....When u think its a good time will have to put the word out..
      Take care Rosezeeta.

  3. Replies
    1. Think you Gill. I always have left over wool from other projects, so does not cost me anything.

  4. Oh Rosezeeta I love your blog.Those bunnies are sooooo cute,did you buy the lavender,I want to make some lavender bags but not sure which lavender to buy online.Archie is such a lucky lil boy.I am a beginner on the sewing machine and still learning how to turn corners lol.Have not got around to actually sewing my owl up yet but he is cut out at last lol.By the way I bought to Womens Weekly craft mag,really good value and packed with ideas have you seen it.Hugs x

    1. Hi Lee. I brought the lavender of Ebay. I did not know which one to buy. So brought small bags which they said was suitable for projects. My bunnies have got plain stuffing in . I just added a small amount of lavender to the
      inside between the stuffing as it was so striong smelling for just a tiny bit. So the lavender goes a long way.
      Will have to check that mag out sounds good, have not seen it. Thanks. Rosezeeta.

  5. Hi Rosezeeta,
    Your lavender filled bunnies and jumper are so cute. Hope your weather warms up soon. It's been on the cool side here too but Spring will be here soon. Thank you for stopping by for a visit and for the kind comment.

    Hugs and Kisses,

    1. Hi Ana, Thank you for your lovely comment. My bunnies were so simple but smell lovely. Can not wait for Spring, have been in the garden trying to tidy up already.
      Take care. Rosezeeta.