Sunday, April 19, 2015


What another beautiful day today in Cornwall. I hope you had the same.
In the morning I visited my local car boot sale, not much there but managed
to find two treasures worth having. And was so nice walking around having a little chat to everyone.
The rest of the day I have spent tidying up, washing and all the general boring things we
have to do.I still have not done many seeds so I have promised myself I will make time this coming
week or it will be too late. Have you done your seeds? or are you the same as me....
The dogs have enjoyed having the door open so they can please themselves and have spent
time enjoying the good weather.

Friday we decided to have a barbecue not a big one just burgers, sausages and lamb.
And for me veg burgers and veg sausages.
Hubby had put barbecue round the back (Do not understand why) So had to dig it out and
wheel it to the front, then had the messy job of cleaning it enough to cook on.
Make note to self. Next time plan barbecue when hubby down so he can clean it!!!

                            Even though we only cooked a little bit . The dogs still had to finish off.

                    I thought I would show you bits of my garden. It still needs a lot of tidying up.
                                                But I will get round to it sometime.

                                                   Bailey wanted to be in the picture.

                                                   Everything is coming back to life now.

                                                I have a few bits in the greenhouse.

                                                        Have you had your first barbecue?
                                                        Was it a tiny one like ours?

                                                        Enjoy your day.


  1. did bbq last week, and hoping to do it tonight. Your garden is looking lovely.

  2. You have such a beautiful space! No BBQ for us just yet! Too much rain!

  3. It looks a beautiful day, we had rain here this afternoon but
    I did manage to get a couple of hours weeding done. Just spoken to my son in Plymouth and they have just had their first bbq of the year today.
    My dad has grown my tomatoe plants again this year and they are ready to go into big pots in the greenhouse, must get compost tomorrow and get them done. No seeds done here either, oops! x

  4. Not yet, we do love eating out doors though, sounds like you all enjoyed it include the doggies.

  5. Lucky you. The weather here in Liverpool hasn't warmed up yet, but looking out of the window, the sun is shining today so I may go for a bike ride.

  6. Hi.Isn't it just great to be able to get out in the garden to have a bbq,the doggies look sooooo happy too.Love your garden,I would really love that seat in my lil garden thank you heee heee.xx

  7. Your garden looks lovely. Glad it was nice enough out side to have a cook out.

  8. I think this is the prettiest barbeque backdrop that I have ever seen!
    Happy Earth Day!