Monday, June 29, 2015


I love the summer in Cornwall.
It is when all the little events, fetes, craft shows etc  happen.

Recently I went along to the Luckett Duck Race  Day.
I do not understand why I have not been before, it is quite local to me
so no excuse really. Anyway I went along this year, and took Archie with me.
It was held in the grounds of a private house in Luckett. It was really well organized
and set out in the gardens beautifully.

Even though I was on my own ,well with Archie everyone was friendly and very chatty.
But then that is the way in Cornwall.....

I bought some lovely home made lime curd and orange curd off this stall.
It was fantastic. Nothing better than home made. I wish I had bought more.

As you might have noticed there are a few dogs in the pictures.
And to my surprise they had a fun doggie show.

                                                        They even had live music.

                           There was a beer tent, barbecue and a lovely tea and cakes tent.

                                                     Lots of lovely things to buy.

                                  I must admit I did have a coffee and some beautiful cake.

                 Everything was so pretty and well laid out. It was hard to decide which cake.

Then it was time for the doggie show. Myself and Archie decided for fun we would enter.
Even though I have 6 dogs I have never entered a show with any of them.

            So we did not know what to do. So we just entered and followed everyone else.
            And then Archie's name got called out and we had won 1st place  for best turned out owner
            and dog.....We could not beleive it, I was utterley shocked but delighted.

                             We entered 5 classes out of 10 and came 3rd in two more classes.
                             I was so proud of my little boy. As there were so many beautiful dogs there.

Later on came the duck race. You purchased you duck by picking the duck
number. They all have numbers underneath. Then at the start of the race they
                    are put in further up stream and  everyone waits for them to come floating
                    down to the finish line. The stream ran through the garden so we only
                    had to go to the bottom to wait for the ducks.....

              There were cash prizes for the first ones back. Of course mine was near the last.

                                           It was such good fun and finished the day off.

                                                My Archie wearing his sun hat.

                                    Archie thought he had some new toys to play with.
                                    They now have pride of place on my wall.

                                    Great day out !!!!!


  1. Well done to both you and Archie. He really did look stunning. Sounds like a great day out. I assume you'll be going again next year.

    1. Yes I will Janet. It was such a lovely way to spend the afternoon and such nice people.

  2. Well done Archie and mum.

    1. Thank you Mum. I was so proud of my little man.

  3. Well done you and Archie!!!! It sounds like a wonderful day! I have never been to a duck race, but always imagine they would be great fun! xx

    1. First time for me Amy. I will be putting it on my calendar for next year.