Sunday, August 16, 2015


Hope you are having a good weekend. Today we took Archie Bailey and Blossom
to the South Hill Show Golberdon. It was a lovely sunny day and there was lots to do
We entered them into the fun dog show.  Bailey got 3rd for sporting dog and Archie got
5th for most appealing eyes. Blossom fell asleep!

This is Blossom when I took her for her first car ride.
She went in Archie's car seat which enables her to look out.

She looks so tiny compared with Archie now.

 The dog car seat is on the passenger front seat. I think she was keeping an
  eye on me.

And where do you think her first trip was?
Pets at Home of course. Well a girl has to shop!

Did anyone recognize the jumper? It was the first one I knitted Archie.
Perfect fit for Blossom now..........

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  1. It looks as though Blossom enjoyed her first car ride! Congratulations to Bailey and Archie on their wins! xx