Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bertie Charlie and Baileys weekly Adventures.-Our Wheels.

                Woof Woof everybody. We thought we would show you all our wheels today.

When mum takes us out we travel in style . We have lots of room in the back of Mums Land Rover.

                                We have a comfy Granny Blanket which Mum knitted.

                Dad looks like he would like to get in. But there is only room for us.  Ha! Ha!

Bailey used to sit in the front before because he was too small. But now he is a big boy he can now join us.

                   Bertie where do you think we will go today. The stables? The Park?

                   I don't know Charlie but it will be great wherever we go.

          Can we bring the ball Bertie and Charlie? You will have to ask Mum Bailey.

                                                     Woof Woof I will.

                                   Bye everyone we are off to have some fun.