Wednesday, May 08, 2013

My Lucky finds of the Day.

                                       I had a lovely morning out with my daughter.

                    We went treasure hunting around our local charity and junk shops.

                                              And this is what I brought.

                                                         Any One for Jelly!

                                                      Something for the dressing table.

                                                           And lastly a wicker cat basket.

                                               And we do not even have a cat.!!!!!!!!

                        Some things you just have to have even if it makes no sense.


  1. Good finds! Those jelly moulds are great, aren't they? I got some today, too. x

  2. Great finds. I was really happy to discover a lovely vintage sewing basket at a car boot sale recently.
    Carol xx

  3. Great finds loving the jelly moulds, dee x