Friday, June 26, 2015

Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a good week. I am now playing catch up!

A big thank you to everyone for their kind words. It is so appreciated and makes
me smile knowing you are all such lovely bloggers.

Anyway on to this post.

I went to a local craft show and this is what I bought.

A lovely flower which could be a brooch or hair clip.

A mobile with the sun, clouds with rain, kite, umbrella and a watering can.

I  had it hanging in my kitchen window for a while. but since then it has moved.

And I could not resist this Giraffe. So cute.

And then something practical. a crocheted shopping bag.

I just love this to bits, The colour the short handles. My daughter also liked it.
But  hands off! It's mine.

No small bits in this bag or they will fall through the holes.

Anyway enjoy your weekend. I have a busy one planned. So fingers crossed
for good weather.

                                                      Rosezeeta x


  1. What a lovely shopping bag! Love it!

  2. The mobile is very cute, and I love the bag.

  3. What great things to find! I like the mobile a lot and love the shopping bag!!! I like short handles too! xx

  4. I always enjoy seeing your purchases, they are so varied and fun.

  5. Those crochet bags look lovely with fruit and veggies in them.

  6. Lovely things to make you smile. Have a great day,

  7. You found some wonderful things. LOVE that bag! xo Diana