Friday, July 03, 2015


I thought I would show you my porch today.

I  have brightened it up with a few metal pictures and I have put my side table
in there so I can put a vase of flowers.


                                                     I have also added a lace vintage mat.

                              I have had to hang my beads up again this year to keep
                              flies etc out. Because as you know my front door leads straight
                              into my kitchen.  It is just too small width wise for my porch
                              so I have made some colourful pom poms to fill the gap both sides.

                            I have put a bigger table in the garden and added a cheerful
                            plastic table cloth. And I am using a chipped teapot for a vase.

                                      I still have plenty of flowers I have grown from seeds
                                      to plant out.

                                    More flowers on the kitchen windowsill.

                                      Hope you have enjoyed a little look  around.
                                      Are you growing any flowers or veg from seed?
                                      This is the first year I have not done any vegetables.


  1. Everything looks so lovely. Our planting season is over since it is near 50 C each day. This coming Fall I would like to try to grow some things from seed. Have never done so before. Have a great weekend. Tammy

    1. Growing from seed takes longer but is well worth it. Tammy. Happy weekend.

  2. Such a happy, happy porch! I would love to visit and it at the table for a cup of tea with you, it all looks so welcoming. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Your porch looks so welcoming. I'm trying to grow some salad leaves from seeds for the first time. I'm hoping I'll have something delicious to pick and eat shortly.

  4. I grow most things from seed, not only is it much cheaper I enjoy the whole process. I saw an ad for veg plants £7.99 for 8 cabbage plants. I can buy a cabbage for 39p.

  5. Hi Rosezeeta your home and garden are really beautiful, I love the cupcake sign. Enjoy your weekend x

  6. Oh it all looks lovely! I'm so jealous! :) I'm growing courgette, leeks, mint,lavender, thyme, basil,parsley, carrots onions, beetroot and broccoli, whether any of them will actually grow to be eaten is a different matter but i'm trying haha xx