Friday, November 06, 2015


The last few days here in Cornwall we have had nothing but rain.So have spent most of the week
pottering about at home. Which I love. I always have plenty to do and never enough time.
I have already done most of my Christmas shopping so spent one day wrapping and making
presents pretty still need to add that final touch but undecided what it will be yet. Very soon
I will be in full swing decorating the house for the big day. but before then......

You never  realize how much you would miss your land line.
We all use our mobile phones most of the time and now with my new car I can chat
while I drive hands free, which still tickles me.

My mobile has a lot of minutes and texts but I am always worried it will run out and then
there will be a emergency and I will have no more minutes. (Completely silly as I have never ran out)!

Well I use my land line knowing I can have long chats without the worry.
I have two sick parents, a husband that works away, a daughter at Uni and a brother and sister
and various friends I like to keep in contact with.

I do not know why but we were without our land line for approx two weeks.
So it was mobile, whatsapp, text, Skpe  emails anything just trying to keep up.
I was so relieved to get our line working again.

Then I came across this vintage phone in our local post office and just had to have it.
I know strange place to buy a vintage phone but in Cornwall you pick up all sorts of things
in strange places.

It is really heavy and has been converted to be able to just plug in.

It looks great on my retro cabinet.

My son had only seen push button phones so was really intrigued.And
it has a really old fashioned ring. (Which I must admit a few times I ignored because
I thought it was on the t.v) Still getting used to it.

Sorry if you have spotted it. My first Christmas Dec out. My musical snow globe.
The rest of the Decorations are still in the barn.        But not for long.


  1. I would hate to be without my landline too, I hardly ever use the mobile, so I need a real phone! Gosh you are organised for Christmas, I still need to buy, let alone think about wrapping! xx

    1. I love doing it this way because now I can just buy fancy sweets ,biscuits or extra decorations I find. Lots of local Xmas Craft Fairs on now. So enjoying going to them Amy.

  2. Good for you having Christmas bought and wrapped. I have almost all of the gifts too, but not wrapped. Not a lot of decorating will happen this year either as it will only be Hubby and myself and he doesn't care one tiny bit if decorations appear or not. Love the vintage phone. I'm like you. I hold onto the landline for no apparent reason as I use the mobile almost exclusively.

    1. I tried to get my family to have a smaller tree but they still want a large real tree in the lounge again, so we have already tagged our tree which is still growing in our local nursery. Betsy. But the decorations are now much more grown up now.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this phone!!!
    And it works???!!!
    How amazing and FUN!!!
    What a cool find :-)))
    I also love your pink cabinet.... I'm drooling...
    Have a lovely weekend,

    1. Thank you Danette. My retro cabinet I got for 99P of ebay. I collected it and then spents days painting it. It was really hard because of the glass and the glass shelves I could not get out. I have all my craft bits in there. So I can see what I have. Enjoy your weekend.