Thursday, March 07, 2013

Free Sunshine.

Today I  was able to pick lots of Daffodils for free.

They are growing in all my hedgerows around my stables. So I was able to pick some still leaving plenty to keep growing and looking beautiful.

It's so nice to bring the sunshine home for free!!!!!

I think I will have sunshine in my house for a few weeks now fingers crossed.... Have you been able to find a free supply of flowers? Or do you grow them in your garden for picking?

Thank you to everyone who's left me some really nice comments, they are much appreciated. and I love to read them. Sorry I do not have the time to reply  as life is too busy at the moment.
One question was do I have a ghost in my house as my house is so old......... Yes I think I do but that is another story!

Bye for now enjoy your evening.


  1. oh i do love anything thats free, totally love buffets,.... cause there free!!
    your hedgerow daffs are lovely x

  2. Loving the daffodils.None of ours are in flower at the moment but I like to see them in the garden where they are, they brighten it up.If I had loads I would pick some as you have, they are so pretty and uplifting.
    Cant wait to hear about your ghost, it was me that asked that question!!