Saturday, March 23, 2013

Large and Small Hand Knitted Teddies Say Hi!

Meet my Large hand knitted Teddies. Again no pattern. THEY ARE PERFECT CUDDLE SIZE!

                        This one has his own knitted scarf complete with tassel's.

Meet my small Teddies. They are made just the same but on a smaller scale. THEY ARE A PERFECT HAND SIZE.

As you can see I knitted a lot of these. Some have gone to good homes and the rest I will probably sell, when I have the time to get more organised.

Do you think they are cute ? and great for cuddles?


  1. They are lovely and yes I bet they would be fab for cuddles.X

  2. aahh truly perfect to cuddle ;-) dee x

  3. Hi Rosezeeta, your teddies are super cute!, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment, Tomas had a fab birthday thank you xx