Sunday, March 03, 2013

One of my small rooms.

Hi everyone. Today I thought I would show you one of my small rooms in my farmhouse.

This is my Larder  / Utility room. It was already done when we brought the house. It is off the kitchen which is really handy having an extra sink. Very useful for washing our dogs bowls etc. I have my dishwasher and washing machine on one side under one worktop. If I had designed it I would of put another Belfast sink in and have open shelves. But until this one needs to be replaced I will just have to wait. I have added a up
cycled pink shelf which I have edged in lace.(A girl cannot have enough pink).

Opposite is a carved worktop. And above that I have a drying Dollie. I keep my potatoes and veg in one of my wicker baskets. And the storage tin is from Laura Ashley., the two 7lb weights I have had years, so can;t remember where I got them.

                                     What do you keep your veg in?

I love my Laura Ashley tin. It has a tiny splash of green on it And it is floral as well.

                           My soap holder is made of simple wire with a few hearts for good taste.

Hope you have enjoyed a look into one of my small rooms. It's so nice to have a room where most of the mess is hidden, the engine of the house..... Hopefully one day I can bring it up to scratch with the rest of the house. When money allows!


  1. oh the things you could do with this room! imagine the shelves filled with your jams x x xx ....

  2. I'd love a utility room, somewhere to keep the washing etc.The other thing I would love is a proper pantry to store food and such in.Sadly I live in a modern house and there is no room. I envy you your lovely old house.Do you have any ghosts by the way? I always imagine a house as old as yours to have one!!

  3. Oh, how I would love a larder ... they are so useful and practical. I remember my grandmother's ... I used to love going in there and looking at the rows of jars of preserves and tins and cheese on a slab (she didn't have a fridge).
    M x

  4. Hello again
    I have a fondness for your soap holder - very pretty and delicate indeed
    Best wishes

  5. Very nice..I would love to have this off my kitchen it would save me a lot of trips to the basement!