Monday, April 22, 2013

Feeling a lot brighter-Tackling Life again. Home Made Bread.

Hi everyone, thank you for all your support it put a smile back on my face.

As you know we have had a terrible Easter Hols.  We have spent most of the Hols travelling from one end of the country to the other with 3 parents in hospital at the same time. Sadly my mother in law  is no longer with us. She will be greatly missed by us and the rest the family. My father is now fighting the terrible C and my mother is very fragile coping. So as you can see bad news always  comes in 3.

Anyway on a good note we as a family are supporting one another and our parents,and are thinking positive......

Today hubby gone back to work, back to routine. House seems strange without him even though he can be a bit of a pain.

Today thought I would try baking bread for a change, last time it was a bit heavy. But today it turned out perfect.!

Here is the recipe I used if you want to try-

I made 1 loaf of Granary bread. and 1 loaf of Wholemeal Brown.

1 1b 2 ozs Granary or Wholemeal Flour. (use only one)               230c/450f gas mark 8
1 oz of butter.
1 pkt Fast Action Dried Yeast.                                                   Aga top shelf.
9 fl oz Warm water.                                                                  Approx 30/35 mins.

Mix flour and butter, add yeast,then add warm water. mix all together. ( I used my electric mixer)
Put onto a floured surface, then knead for 5  mins. Butter loaf tin, put dough in, cover with a damp cloth. Put in a warm place to double in size ( I put mine on top of my Aga). I left it there for approx 1 hour. Then bake in the oven. Bread is done when it's golden brown . And you tap the bottom and it sounds hollow.

                                      Wholemeal on the left.     Granary on the right.

I only have one loaf tin. So I used my round cake tin for the wholemeal loaf.  My daughter loves the granary, my son prefers the wholemeal. We had warm bread for breakfast with jams and lemon curd. Then we had some with our tea tonight. I don't think I will be buying ready made any more....

I'm now ready to try all different breads now. Do you make your own? what is your favourite?


  1. So sorry about your MIL and your dad Rosezeeta. You are having a tough time at the moment arent you? Sending love and hugs your way.X

  2. your bread looks amazing x sorry about your sad news , stay strong for your family x x

  3. So sorry to read of the loss of your MIL and your Dad's illness.
    Lovely bread, I had a breadmaker and dtill couldn't make decent bread!
    Carol xx