Monday, April 01, 2013

My Up cycled Work Bench-Shabby Chic.

Today was cold but lovely and sunny. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to up cycle a work bench which I brought several months ago. It cost me £60 from a junk shop locally.

It was just a dirty pine colour with lots of paint and pen marks on it. I had to sand it down the best I could do. Then I painted the base a soft pink. (I have used this colour lots)....

    The front has three drawers. I had to paint the inside of these because they were so marked.


                                                          Before and after.

                                   Next I painted the top a pale blue


                                       Sky from Home base. A really pretty blue.

                                                   I still need to do a little filling.

Nearly finished.. But maybe a few more coats, then a sand on corners to give it that Shabby Chic look.

                            I will show you the finished result in a later post.

                                   Have you up cycled anything lately?


  1. I love to fix up furniture! Can't wait to see the final result :)

  2. Oh that it looking really good, look forward to seeing it completed.
    I "upcycled" some dining chairs a long time ago, they now reside in the garden shed, I think they need "re-upcycling"!
    Carol xx