Friday, July 10, 2015


     As you will all know by now I have 6 dogs of all shapes and sizes.

    So I take them all out at various times as I can not possibly manage that amount on my own.
    But on the occasions when my hubby is home we take at least four out at one time.
   This Sunday afternoon we decided to take the smallest dogs out.
   Bertie, Charlie, Bailey and Archie. Hubby takes Bertie and Charlie as they are strong.
   I then take Bailey and Archie as they are slower.

                               Bertie and Charlie have found some smell they like.

     We took them all for a long walk in the woods, not sure who was the most
     worn out us or them.

               Archie did a good job of keeping up with them but running compared
               with them walking. So was tired when we got back. He enjoyed his
               cuddle on the bench before we headed for home.

           I love days like this no pressures or having to keep to any times. Just pleasing
           ourselves and wondering home when we are all hungry....... Perfect.

Note to self must take cover of phone before taking pictures
Sorry for green tinted pics.
Guess what colour cover is?


  1. I did wonder why your pictures were looking like this and thought about saying something and decided not to in case it was a camera fault you were struggling with, never guessed it would be the cover!! Hee hee, that is the kind of thing that I would do!! I often try and take photos with the lens cap on! It looks as though it was a great walk, six dogs at once must be a lot to handle, looks as though you enjoy it though! xx

    1. Hi Amy. Guess what I still have not taken cover off. So used to it being on to protect phone. But even my daughter is now moaning at me......
      Weather has been so bad at the moment in Cornwall (Lots of rain) that I do not want to use my proper camera.
      Six dogs is a lot and they take a lot of my time but they are worth it for the love they give back. But six is the limit.
      Hope you had a good weekend. Rosezeeta x

  2. I used to have 3 Springer Spaniels at one time, and had to walk them together, we went for over an hour 3 times a day during the week and at least a 3 hour walk Saturday and Sunday. Boy was I fit.

    1. Wow I am impressed. If I am on my own I usually take two at a time, but then get back and then take the next two.
      But as you will know you get into your own little routine.
      Rosezeeta x