Friday, March 11, 2016


This post is a little late. Please forgive me. But I had to show you because I was so pleased
with my first ever made Christmas cake! I forgot all about this post untill I looked back.

Today in Cornwall we had sun!     !Makes me feel so happy.
And then I found a water leak in my ensuite. Knew I was feeling happy too soon.

If you can not bear to read the word Christmas. Just think of my cake as fruit cake with fancy icing..

I love Christmas cake.

But I normally buy a small one. But this year I made my own.
and here it is all finished.

I always meet up with a girlfriend to exchange pressies and have Christmas cake
and a Bailey's or two.

This year my hubby was home and my girlfriend came round with her mother and daughter
so we all had a pleasent afternoon togeather. And the cake was fab. Never buying
one again.

My daughter also asked me to make a chocolate covered marble cake for her

Here it is.

Really enjoyed making them both and having a piece of cake everyday.

The result of all this cake now is I need to do more walking to get slim for the summer.

So I can enjoy lots of cream teas like you do in Cornwall.


  1. Yum! It's never too late for a post about cake! They both look delicious. I need to do more walking too and try to lose the weight I gained this winter. Thanks for sharing Rosezeeta.

    1. That's the trouble Betsy I love a good cake. So I try not to make too many.....

  2. Both cakes look delishous x

  3. Your cakes look really nice, homemade cakes are so much nicer, we had a cream tea last weekend, it is one of my favourite treats, have a lovely weekend x

  4. Fab cakes.Sooo glad to see you posting,I have been worried.Hugs xx

    1. Still around Lee....Just need to edit loads of pics and get them in some sort of order.
      Rosezeeta x