Monday, March 14, 2016


Was up early today. Dogs decided Mum was not going to get a lie in.
It was a beautiful warm and sunny day in Cornwall, dogs was loving the garden and I even
cut some grass. Did a small photo shot of the dogs for instragram, and did some housework.
In the afternoon son drove into Plymouth for the first time loads of traffic but he coped with
it well. He enjoyed going over his first raised bridge the Tamar and paying his first toll.
You pass your driving test but then you carry on learning for many years after,

This is another old post I forgot to put up.
Then after this I can get more into a routine again, so please keep with me..

Another Birthday this time my daughters (Which was in December)

The dogs wanted to help open her presents.

And my baby is now 27.

The marble cake worked, thank goodness. And it is all gone now.

We all had a wonderful day .

I hope you have had a wonderful day. Enjoy the good weather while it lasts.

                                                    Rosezeeta x


  1. Rozetta- It looks like someone had a very nice birthday and was blessed with a lot of presents. xo Diana

  2. Comgratulations to your son! I'm so glad he did well and I'm sure he feels a sense of accomplishment. The birthday looks like it was a wonderful celebration too. Yummy cake.

    1. Thank you Betsy. So pleased it is such a life skill. Even though my children are grown up we still like to spoil them and make a fuss. I think all parents do.

  3. Hi Rosezeeta,it's so lovely to have these memories of your children,that cake does look soooooo yummy,I LOVE cake lol,the dogs are enjoying the moment too bless them.Great pics.Hugs xx

    1. Hi Lee. Life is about making as many good memories as possible......
      Rosezeeta x

  4. Glad your daughter had a great birthday! xx