Saturday, September 08, 2012

Charming Florals

I love floral of all shapes and sizes.  So I thought I would share some with you.

Above is a enamel jug, which I picked up from France. It is a bit battered and chipped.
But this adds to its charm. The flowers are all from my garden.
This plate is very pretty with its pink and blue flowers with a gold background. I was lucky to pick this up from a car boot.
My Laura Ashley teddy 2007. I had to include him because he is so cute and cuddly.
He has floral pads on his feet. and takes pride of place on my bedroom shelf.
My makeup bag is even floral. I was lucky to be given this as a gift at Christmas.
Two jewellery boxes. One is metal with a glass top with a rose. The other is a padded floral material box. They both have lovely pink roses on.

This is a plain canvas covered with left over fabric from my curtains.
My pots are still blooming, thus adding colour to the corners of my garden.
Today I planted our sunflower plants. We grew them in pots from seeds. Hopefully if the sun keeps shining we will have a lovely display by the veg plot.

I picked this up from a charity shop.The flowers are a lovely muted colour.
I love bunting. It always looks so special. I have two rows of bunting up in my kitchen. This is one of them. I brought this one from e-bay. 
I hope you have enjoyed sharing some of my floral treasures.

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