Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day Out at a Country Fair.

It was a lovely sunny weekend for visiting this well attended country fair. It is only on for one day and is a medium local show.This year it had been postponed until 8th September because of the bad weather. It is held each year at Merrymeet in Liskeard Cornwall.

You have the usual tents with all the entries for best cake, craft etc .I enjoyed browsing.
 Just look at these cakes, makes me want to go home and bake....

The children's entries are always so colourful. This year a lot of the entries focused on the Olympics.

Do you remember paper mache? Lots of hard work to make their cups. I could not pick a favourite.

The above  horses were very sweet. They had batteries in the middle so I assume they moved. What a good idea!

The adult entries were a very high standard. Look at those corgis,and beautiful flowers.

Yet more corgis but this time with the queen. All the little details made this. Is her necklace made up of diamonds? Her crown made of gold?

More  Olympic themed entries.The character's were knitted. The rings were made up from flowers. The medals looked like they were sweets. Made by a very artistic person.

Outside you have a main ring where there are lots of displays all day long. Above are the heavy horses
getting ready to enter the ring for their display. There were also a lovely row of vintage tractors all cleaned and polished for the day.

This year  donkey rides were going around the showground. They looked very gentle.

                                             The fair is always popular for all ages!

The craft tents are always busy. You can buy almost anything. Lots of hearts, teddies, flowers , candles you name it its here. Great for present shopping, and getting ideas for your next craft project!

In the food tent they had at one end , cookery demonstrations going  on. This year it was all done in an Aga. Not easy  I know as I have one.

There is always a large variety of local food to buy and try. I brought some fantastic homemade fudge
from the Gingham Chicken. It was so delicious I could not stop eating it......Fudge is a favourite of mine.

Above is one of the fun acts entertaining the crowds in the main show ring. There is also horse events and of course a dog show. You will also find poultry and other livestock. My favourite is the pets corner. Where you can get up close...

Hope you have enjoyed looking at my day out in Sunny Cornwall. Looking forward to next years show.

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