Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Homemade Tomato Chutney

Its that time of year again! Holidays are over, children back to school. All thoughts are now on,
dare I say CHRISTMAS.
So I thought I would share with you my Homemade Tomato Chutney. I make this every year for use at home and some for extra treats for family and friends.
If  you would like to make your own here is the recipe.
2 -1/2 lbs of tomatoes
2-1/2 lbs of cooking apples
2 lbs of onions
1 lb of raisins
1 lb 6 oz of sugar
2 level dessert spoons of ginger
half a tea spoon of cayenne pepper
3 pints of already spiced vinegar ( can use plain dark vinegar and add mixed spice)
suitable glass jars with metal screw type lids

Wash your tomatoes and cut into quarters. Peel and cut into small pieces your cooking apples and onions. Put them all into a large pan with the raisins. Then add the cayenne, ginger and sugar.
Last but not least pour in your vinegar and give a good stir.
Bring the mixture to boil, then simmer for approx 3 hours, occasionally stirring.
It is ready when most of the vinegar has been adsorbed . Next you wash your jars and put them in the oven for a couple of minutes to sterilise them. Put the lids into a bowl of boiling water then drain.
Take your jars out (be very careful they will be red hot). Fill with your chutney. I use a large ladle and metal jam sprout, it makes filling the jars less messy. Fill to the top and screw lids tightly down..
Put to one side to cool down.
Now you have delicious Chutney for yourself and a few extras for perhaps Christmas gifts.

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