Monday, September 17, 2012

My Lucky Find Of The Day - Avery Scales.


                                            Look what I found at a Boot Fair!

A beautiful Vintage Avery Scales. A could not believe it. There they were on the grass, surrounded by
odds and bobs.
I had to jump in quick because I wasn"t the only one interested. With a bit of  haggling I got them for
£40. A bargain I think....
They weigh in the old lbs and ounces, up to 2lbs. I prefer this as I"m old school. Never quite got the hang of kilos. They are very large and very heavy. I had trouble carrying them back to the car.
As you can see they are taking pride of place in  my kitchen. They fit in perfectly. I have already used
them for baking cakes. Here to many more happy days of baking!

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