Friday, March 22, 2013

Daughters Den


                                             Just had to show you this. It's so cute

         My daughter was doing a series of photos for a project and wanted to build a den to shoot.

         So my kitchen chairs, cushions, knitted blanket and Cath Kidson tin were all gathered up.

                                                I joined in and added the flowers.

The last time I saw her den build she was about 5 years old.  She would set up under my dinning room table
with all her dolls and teddies. She would spend hours under there playing, Happy Days!

So 19 years later here she is again den building. I think it was really sweet and brought back lots of memories. For a laugh she got inside and I did take a pic but that one is for the family album only! Sorry.

Have your grown up children done anything that reminded you of their childhood. Would love to hear.



  1. This is so very sweet Rosezeeta. I remember my girls doing this when they were little too. Now my little granddaughters do it.

  2. looks amazing x how sweet, i am watching my children recrate the things they did as children for their children which makes me feel happy x

  3. aahh that's so sweet I bet she had hours of fun in there :-) dee x

  4. I want to crawl right in with my book! My children didn't do to much of this but as a child I sure did. I guess that is why this looks so inviting, such sweet happy times. Thanks for sharing Rosezeeta. ;-)