Monday, July 15, 2013


Still hot in Cornwall. How are you all coping. Lots of sun cream and floppy hats I hope.

Well I say floppy hats, I look dreadful in hats and to this day have not found one I would be seen in.
Tell a lie I do wear a knitted hat in the winter down the stables where nobody except family will see me.

I have been trying to add some colour to my garden. I popped down to my word of mouth little nursery and brought some pretties.

These wire wall hangers are great ,they have two curved hooks that you can hook into a trellis like I have done or maybe over a gate or fence. They have moved with us from house to house.

                Lots of pots, not sure if I will keep them all here. or move them around the garden.

The wooden pot I brought from Home base at Christmas. I use it for my indoor small Christmas tree. I like these three pots together. They are by my front porch.

I also brought 5 large courgettes, 2 extra large beetroots, 2 lots of strawberries and the above pretties and it only came to £7.50 a bargain.......

                 Have you got a special place near you, to get value for money?

                                         Take care   Speak soon.

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