Thursday, July 18, 2013


How are you all ? Keeping cool I hope. This weather is crazy. I don't know what to wear each day. I thought I had lots of summer clothes but with this weather here to stay for the moment I will have to buy some more shorts...... How about you are you prepared with your summer wardrobe.?

This week my son has been doing work experience. I have really felt sorry for him working in a large barn  in this heat.  He has to wear long trousers and safety boots so is really hot.  But he has really enjoyed himself working with some lovely people and now appreciates what work is all about.

Tomorrow is his last day so we have prepared a thank you card and I fished out one of my vintage plates then I went shopping today and brought a variety of fruit. In his heat chocs and cakes are out.

I covered it with cling film and added a crepe bow. I hope they like it. They are a family run firm who has really looked after my son this week.

                                  Has your children done work experience this week?

                                         Or are your children moving up school.?

                   Have you made a special present for them to give to their teachers etc.

                                                    Would love to hear.

                                                   Stay safe in the sun.


  1. I think that's a lovely idea far nicer than chocolate.

  2. I would much prefer a bowl of fruit then chocolates in this heat. Our eldest is starting lower school in September, I cant believe how fast the last 4 years has gone. Just cant imagine him doing work experience!!!