Sunday, July 07, 2013

Do you want to have a walk around my garden?

 Sun Sun and More Sun. Hope you are having a lovely time in this great weather. Being in Cornwall we are only a short distance from the beach. But as yet have not found the time to visit one.

                  I thought today I would give you a short tour of some of my garden.

                                                   Do you want to see?

                                               Some hanging baskets to add some colour.

My painted chairs. 

                                         Lots of flowers beginning to show their heads

                                           Would you like to go through the archway?

                                Our double swing which goes from house to house

                                                         Another place to sit.

                            Have you enjoyed the tour?    Please pop by again.


  1. Oh you have a lovely big garden - I dreamt of having a big garden and acreage.... looking at use is lovely for me
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Rosezeeta, I am also living in Cornwall. Wish I had your garden though. Beautiful. X

  3. It's absolutely beautiful! I would love a big garden to get my hands on!