Friday, July 05, 2013


I have been really busy these past weeks, hence not many posts. Slap hands.....

My son is up to his eyes in GCSE's but seem to be doing well and coping with all the revision.
The garden seems to not stop growing so it's an impossible task to keep it tidy and get rid of the cuttings.
But I love it when you can just sit back and give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work.

I have been renovating another cottage for approx two years now. I know that's a long time but with all my other commitments there's not much time left in my day.

It was a complete mess. It took myself and my daughter 3 weeks just to clear it out. We have put in double glazing in a form of cottage style. Put a stable door in the front. Had it completely rewired and plastered.
New bathroom, outside lights and a lot of filling and painting. I'm sick of magnolia.

We painted all the beams white, which makes the lounge really bright. It has a working fireplace which always makes the room cosy. and a stone wall to one end of the room.

We replaced the bathroom suite with a white one and added an electric shower.We used cream tiles for the walls. Lots of magnolia again...

It has been a lot of work but finally it has all came together. I could not of got this far without the help of my daughter. She has been a star.

The last piece of the jigsaw is fitting the kitchen. We have brought a wooden kitchen with a Belfast sink to keep with the character of the cottage. As you can see I've had my hands full. But now it's nearly at a end.

Anyone else renovating another house? Do you do your own decorating or do you pay the professionals?

I have always renovated my own houses. I will always have a go. It does not always turn out perfect, but I always try my hardest. And only get the professionals in when I have to, that way I save the pennies.

We finished by painting the outside and adding a few flowers.

We are now saying goodbye to our little cottage  as we have sold fingers crossed.!

It will be sad but I will not miss all that hard work.

I've now going to spend time on my own home. There is always something to do as it's 300 years old. So the upkeep is ongoing.

Have a fab evening.



  1. Well done you!! I love the look of that cottage, what a lovely old building and you have made a fantastic job. My dream home is a lovely old cottage but I havent yet managed one! I have always lived in newer properties which havent needed much doing to them.

  2. I love old buildings but they are a lot of work and need constant attention and money. Newer buildings give you more time to enjoy yourself, which I have missed. Finger crossed you find your dream cottage soon Anne.

  3. That's an amazing cottage..My ideal home x