Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Bertie and Charlies weekly Adventures. Wow ! Bailey

Hi everybody. Today we are starting our own post! Mum is always busy with hers. So we thought you would like to read what we get up to while shes working. Our names are BERTIE and CHARLIE.

We have lived with mum/granma since we were 7 weeks old. Our owners are Granmas children.
Charlie's belongs to her son and Bertie belongs to her daughter. Mum does not like to be called Granma so for all our posts we will call her Mum, well she is Mum NO.2 most of the time.

Mum told us we are half Patterdale and half Border Terriers, and we have had two birthdays with presents ...Charlie is 3 hours younger than me but tries to boss me around, I do not care because the most important thing to me is FOOD!

Today we had a new friend to play with. Mum said he is called Bailey. He is a Dachshund ,I think they call them sausage dogs! He smells different from us ,we think he is a puppy because  he is very
jumpy and has very sharp teeth. Charlie says hopefully he will go away soon. But I quite like running round the garden with him, I always win the races as he has funny tiny legs and can;t jump as high as us..

Charlie prefers Mum taking Bailey for a walk on his lead. This is a picture of me with Bailey. HA HA!

I feel safe in here. Bertie and Bailey are playing in the garden. I will have a quick nap by the aga, my favourite place.

Bailey has worn me out! I'm joining Charlie by the aga. See you all next week. Goodnight from Bertie and Charlie.

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