Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bertie Charlie & Baileys Weekly Adventures- Dinner Time

Mum has put her large table back in the kitchen.  These chairs are just the right height to hide.

If we keep still maybe mum will not notice us up here!

Oh I think we have been spotted!      I'll do my cute face    'Is it time for dinner mum'   I think it's worked......

                                                   See you all soon.


  1. Oh cute face wins every time.
    Thank you for my birthday wishes.
    Carol xx

  2. So cute!! Why wouldn't they want to sit at such a gorgeous table?

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments you've left on my blog recently, and for the chance to find you over here and see your lovely pups - they're adorable! I have subscribed so will be able to keep up with your posts now.

  4. Aww they are real cuties. I have taken a photo of marmalade this week zonked out on my kitchen table, oblivious to what is going on.It must have been a warm spot!