Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today I have done nothing but eat. This morning for a treat for my children (and really for me!) I made scones for breakfast. My son is off school ill and my daughter is at home until she starts Uni this Sept. So this was a nice treat for them both.

Then after tea tonight of course we had to have pancakes and guess who managed two...

I just had lemon and sugar and that was enough. Have to make a note to myself (Buy new non stick pan)
before next year. All of my pancakes got stuck in the middle but they were still yummy.

Have a nice evening. enjoy your pancakes, don't eat too many  !!!!


  1. We had pancakes to last night but this was the first year i didnt use my old trusted pan i so wish i hadn't thrown it out mine came out broken up to. I will be buying a flat rimmed pan ready for next year. Lemon and sugar are my favourite way to eat them to :-) dee x

  2. Fraid to say my pancakes got stuck too! They were a bit of a mess but yummy none the less. We had sugar and freshly squeezed oranges on ours!