Monday, February 11, 2013

Rain Again -But Sunshine Inside.

I love fresh flowers in the house. If I had the money I would just fill the house everyday.

Weather was rain again so I thought I would cheer myself up and bring some sunshine inside.

I could not resist some yellow tulips and of course daffs... There were enough to fill two vases. One for my kitchen and one for the lounge.

A few flowers are starting to show their heads in my garden,  roll on spring,I can't wait ...

Some flowers coming up despite the ivy. Lots of jobs to do in the garden when it gets a little warmer.
But at the moment I would rather cosy up in front of the fire and do a bit of knitting.

                     What about you?


  1. Good idea! Don't let the rain get you down. Combatting the grey with a shiny bright spot of yellow is perfect!

  2. Good Morning :)
    I love your yellow tulips with the daffodils,They look so pretty.
    We have bulbs popping up in our garden too i love the promise of Spring and like you i can't wait.
    I'm in front of the fire sewing,Stay warm and cozy x

  3. Love your choice of flowers :) they are a little bit of sunshine on a dull day. We have some snow drops coming through and the tips of the daffodils are just starting to peak out of the soil :) have a happy day sweetie

    Bee happy x

  4. I have dafs and tulips in my kitchen and frontroom at the moment to it really brightens the dark days up. Role in spring i cant wait either, enjoy your lovely flowers, dee x