Sunday, June 16, 2013

All that work for nothing !

 The weekend has just flown past!  Last Saturday I did a local boot sale with my daughter. The weather was fantastic so there was a great turn out of buyers., so we did really well, and had such great fun. So yesterday we got ready, had hot and cold drinks, plenty of change a great selection of goods all loaded up. The weather was wet but sunny after eleven. So we headed off with great expectations.  The boot sale did not start till 2 p.m but we were told to get there just after 11 am.    To see a notice at the field entrance with those dreaded words CANCELLED.

We could not believe it. It had been raining but was now really sunny, do they not listen to the weather forecasts. We had no choice but to head for home for the dreaded unloading!  Has this happened to you?

I spent the rest of the day gardening in the sun and making a roast dinner. Not a bad day after all.

                                                Fingers crossed for next weekend.


  1. What a beautiful garden, a lovely swing seat and a glimpse of wonderful countryside in the distance...

  2. Thank you. I love my swing I relax and drink my hot chocolate there most sunny days.

  3. What a beautiful place to sit..heavy sigh.. ;o)