Friday, August 10, 2012

Dresser that needs T.L.C.

My latest project is a large glass topped dresser.. I had seen it a very weeks earlier in a local junk shop. The price was quite high and it needed lots of work but I could see it could be beautiful. Every time I  went shopping  I just had to pop in to see if it was still there. Then a couple of weeks ago I went in and they had reduced the price, so I was cheeky and asked for more off and they said yes. So  I had to break it to my husband , whose reaction was PLEASE NOT THAT CABINET. But he knows me by now. Well the shop delivered it for a small fee and a couple of cups of tea. It was much larger than I remembered. Lucky it came in two parts, but only had three feet so we had to find a couple of stones to prop it up. I told you it needed a bit of work


                                                          NEW FEET!
                                                  WELL ON IT"S WAY
Read my next post to see how it"s turned out. Upcycled furniture is always a surprise how a unloved piece of furniture can be turned into something so beautiful and useful!

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