Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our beloved pets.


I thought you would like to meet some of our pets. When we lived back in London we only had 1 dog,but since moving to Cornwall we have gone mad. There must be something in the water.!. Our first dog is a rescue dog who is about 12 years now Kermit. So he is an old man but very lively for his age. He is a cross breed not sure what,. but he looks like Pippin in an old children's t.v .programme....... People of a certain age will remember Aunt Mabel with Pippin  and her aeroplane in her garden ready to fly off. Next we have Theo a black Labrador he is 6 years now but still acts like a baby,likes lots of belly rubs and is obsessed with his ball.Then we have Bertie and Charlie .They are my children's dogs.They are really cute so we all spoil them.
                                                               CUTE BERTIE



 As you can see we have our hands full. They all have very different personalities and likes and dislikes,but one thing they give us is unconditional love. We would not be without them.
The other pets we have at home are 19 chickens, these are various types and live in two houses in a field at the back of our garden, So have lots and lots of free range eggs. They are really friendly ..

Whenever we go up to the field our girls follow us and when we clap they will follow us into their run. Most of them are tame and allow us to pick them up, which is needed when they go over the farmers field for a wonder. Who said chickens are stupid is mad.
The last of our pets at home are our three rabbits, Tommy, Teddy and Flop. They live in two hutches in our front garden. Tommy was our first rabbit and is quite old now about 7 years. Teddy and Flop are brothers, they have just turned two. They like nothing more than going in their runs. Teddy is always trying to tunnel out, so we have to keep filling in his holes.  When Bertie and Charlie are playing in the garden, Charlie ignores the rabbits and is more interested in anyone or anything passing the house. While Bertie jumps straight into their run and puts his nose up to their hutches until we tell him to leave. The rabbits do not care and just carry on eating and just looked amused.



I hope you have enjoyed  meeting our pets they are all very lovely as you can see from the photos, but don't under estimate the amount of time and effort to look after them. The worst jobs are cleaning out the chicken houses and the hutches , this is something my husband always finds a way of getting out of, but clean houses equal happy pets......and  lots of nice eggs.

You would think this is enough animals, but as I said before when you live in the countryside you just seem to go mad. As well as the animals which live with us at home we have two ponies and one Shetland they live not far from us at the other end of the village. But that is another story!!!!!!!!

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