Thursday, August 23, 2012

My day at Port Eliot Festival 2012

 I have lived in Cornwall for many years now and have visited Port Eliot House  a couple of times . It  was only last year  my daughter and I found Port Eliot Festival. We thought it looked great. So we applied for tickets for the Sunday.  As I have said we have many pets so it took a bit of planning. My husband and son were not interested in going so they looked after the animals while us girls had a day out.

The weather up to this point had been rain ,but we were very lucky the sun had decided to be out all weekend in fact it was too hot! We had great fun deciding what to wear, it was lovely to dress up for a change . My daughter had made us beautiful floral headbands out of rosebuds. So we were set. for a great girly day out......


There were stalls selling everything from crafts to leather handbags. My favourite were the Vintage clothing,you were spoilt for choice.
Then we discovered the flower tent  with their displays and the life size figures outside. They were all expertly put together, such lovely  colours and designs, the flowers smelt lovely.


 We had spent a lot of the time on our feet now so it was nice to take a break and sit down and enjoy the atmosphere.
All around the lawns various choirs, theatre groups and musicians entertained the crowds, you never knew what would happen next.
The most amusing thing I found was the Pop Up 1 minute disco. A small van was driving around the grounds and would suddenly stop, open its back doors then blast out music.  Every time the van stopped a large crowd would run over and. dance for one minute . It was great fun and even more funny to watch. Small children were following the van like the Pied Piper.  It put a smile on every ones face.
We had been walking around for a few hours now and the sun was beaming down so we visited a couple of beer tents, but we only had lemonade Honest!   The grounds were really well laid out so it never felt crowded, you could always find a quite corner to relax in.It was lovely discovering various attractions around each corner.
We changed our rose headbands for some real floral headdresses. You could choose your own flowers
which were attached to a ring of ivy. Very pretty.


Wherever you walked you could hear music from the various tents, it was magical to stand for a while and listen to the musicians. 
We found the knitted tree, it had knitted balls etc hanging from its branches, very colourful.
This door took us two hours to find, then we heard music from the other side of the hedge.They were getting ready  for the evening.
We watched the karaoke Hip Hop. The acts were so good. Children performed in groups and the audience appreciated how brave they were. I could never go on stage.

The house had a display of dolls dressed by famous designers. We loved the paper dresses. 

The make up tent was very popular it was appointment only. They were all gone, so we watched instead.
                                 The house looked beautiful as the sun shone. 
We really enjoyed ourselves and have now decided we would like to go for the whole weekend. So we have now purchased a retro caravan, So see you all at the next Festival.. 

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