Sunday, August 12, 2012

Floral wreaths for your wall or door.

I love making these wreaths.Everyone is different and you can go as mad as you like. This one above was made with a ready made circle of twigs. These are available from most shops now.. Then I collected various flowers in contrasting colours. I used a glue gun  to attach them  around the ring. This is best done flower by flower so you can see the effect and gradually build up. Then I added netting and a cute owl . This one is hanging in my kitchen.

The above wreath I call Button and Bows and this one is hanging on an outside door. Various buttons were stuck on and I cut up gingham fabric to make bows.Sometimes less is more..Attach ribbon or string to hang up. . You can have great fun designing your own for special occasions..and use up scraps of material you have left from other projects. That way yours will be unique.So have fun.....

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